Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Was King Tut?

And people say he has no large-scale leadership experience.

The King Tutankhamun exhibit is coming to the Dallas Museum of Art in October, so I ordered in a slew of King Tut, Egypt, Mummies, Pyramids, Hieroglyphs, etc. books and we created a table.  "Who Was King Tut?" was one of the kids titles I ordered.  

...and don't tell me you can't see know you can.


Orbie/\;;/\ said...

:) Walk like an Egyptian

CatBoy said...

The artist clearly has an agenda, which is, I suppose, in the great tradition of artists, but it's a little bit insulting to Tut who had better features.

And a better wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving it!