Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friend in Houston

We have several stores in the Houston area that were affected by Ike, and one of the GMs is a good friend of mine.  I finally heard back from her yesterday.  Her store has power, and her house has power, but most of her staff is without electricity.  She is taking in laundry from her staff and doing it at her house so they can have clean clothes to wear.  She can't get any sleep because it takes forever to do anything.  Standing in long lines for everything.  She said that a lot of retail stores are re-opening without power and that you've never really lived until you've shopped by flashlight in Target with no A/C and no electricity.  

I asked her if I could send a care package to her staff, and she said what they're really all craving is fresh fruit.  They've got enough snacks and pre-packaged food, but nothing fresh to eat.  Tomorrow I'm going to buy some clementines and small apples to ship to them.


Jilly said...

that's what it was like here when we got hit by isabel a few years back. i was living on the 19th floor of an apartment building and needless to say, we didn't go out that often until the power was back. We were lucky and had water, many people were up too high to get water. In the rental contract, every day we din't have power rent was free, so we didn't pay rent for half the month. We were lucky that we parked in a private garage at that time, because our cars were safe too. Most of the area where I live now was flooded, Baltimore is almost at sea level apparently.


CatBoy said...

I'm glad they have someone who is willing to do that for them. In a situation like that it must be so nice to at least have clean clothing.

And fruit. Good for you.