Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dumped for Jesus

I hate it when my birthday falls around Easter weekend.  People always choose to go to Good Friday church services, an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and of course church on Sunday instead of celebrate with me.  I am not a churchgoer, and it's annoying to get repeatedly dumped for Jesus throughout my life.  I mean, how can I compare with that?

This year I decided to throw myself a party; that way I won't be disappointed when no one does anything for me on my birthday.  So, I rented 3 bowling lanes for 3 hours at a place called Main Event.  I haven't bowled in forever, but I figure between that, the pool tables, laser tag, gravity ropes, arcade, food, and full bar, people will have enough options.  I'm only paying for the 3 lanes, of course.  

I invited all my family, all my GM friends from work, and all my drum corps new friends.  I set the time at 8pm-11pm so people would have plenty of time to go to church and come afterward.  That's not working out very well.

I have 17 people confirmed to come, and after several of them forget/have other plans/ something comes up/etc., I'll have probably 10 people, 7 of which will be my family.  And then the other 3 will leave early because they feel uncomfortable that there aren't more people that they know.

I hope I'm very wrong, and I hope that I'm pleasantly surprised when a lot of people show up.  I don't want my $300 to have gone to waste on the lane rental, and I want to feel that I have enough worth that people will show up to a free party (no gifts allowed) to celebrate with me.  

But I am not optimistic.