Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hacked Off

That blog title could very well refer to a horror movie about dismemberment, but it really just describes my current sentiments towards my apartment complex.

My lease is up December 31, and about a month ago I got a note on my door saying that I must contact a particular person in the leasing office to set up an appointment to discuss my options.  My options?  It wasn't to discuss opportunities or to explain the new renovations, it was to discuss options.  The connotation was negative, but they are not known for their clear communication, so I tried calling to make the 'appointment' anyway.  Why do I need an appointment?  Well, the paper said that if I failed to make an appointment, then that inaction would be considered giving notice to vacate.  Wtf?

On the fourth try of calling I finally got through to someone last week, and we set an appointment for 9am today.  Today I am off (actually, I have a conference call and a district meeting I'm running, but technically I'm off), so I could make the 9am appointment.  So I get up early, after working until midnight last night, and head over to the office to learn that no one had recorded the appointment and the person I was supposed to meet with wasn't in yet.  Super.

So I talked to a different person instead, and she showed me photos of how the newly renovated units look, and they are lovely.  The downside is that if I move into one of those units, my rent will increase 25%.  Geezum petes.  If I stay in my current unit it will increase 7%.
It is highly likely that I will be promoted and move to another state within the next year, maybe even 6 months or less, so I don't really want to move now just to move again.  Moving is expensive and time consuming, not to mention frustrating and hot and tiring. 

I've been here a little over 4 years now, and I haven't liked it for that long.  Should I move, or should I wait it out a few more months? 


CatBoy said...

If you really think you may be leaving Texas in the near future, I don't think there is any point in your going to the hassle of moving all your belongings to another unit. A year is not all that long and how much enjoyment would you really get for the hassle and added expense?

tree said...

Unless you are living in a slum apartment (and I'm sure you're not) then why not save the money and time and just stay the course? Spend a little more money on something you'd love (whatever that is, new comforter or towels or the like).

Jilly said...

i agree, don't move unless you HAVE to. i myself hate moving and will do almost anything to prevent it. A 25% increase isn't worth the pain of moving if where you're already at isn't bad to begin with.


Bertram000 said...

Buy a house, get some trusty roommates and then when you move, leave the house in the care of the roommates, and buy a house in the new location. Houses, houses, houses! Buy houses! Is the birth rate dropping? Have we curbed immigration? As they say about gold, "houses will never be worth nothing." This is the new ground floor! Get in on it now!

Hey, don't come back to me in 30 years and tell me, "Geez, Bert, I wish I'd listened to you back then just as we were about to come out of that horrid (and temporary) economic down turn."

Anonymous said...

wait it out