Tuesday, September 23, 2008

State Fair of Texas

I can't wait for the State Fair to start.  It opens on Friday, and I'm getting together a group of friends to go next Wednesday.  The State Fair runs for 24 days and is a huge huge deal.  It draws millions of visitors and is such fun, though it can be expensive.  

It is held, surprisingly enough, at Fair Park, which is also where the Cotton Bowl is located (ever heard of Texas/OU weekend?), the Museum of Science and History, various other buildings, and of course my beloved Music Hall where many of the touring musicals perform.  The State Fair musical this year is The Color Purple.  I've been listening to the cast recording, and it is beautiful and powerful.  I need to quickly pick a day to go see it and and buy my ticket asap.

I live 2 1/2 miles from Fair Park.  It is literally down the street.  Well, down a very trafficky street that makes it unsafe to walk there.  But still, it makes for relatively easy access.  I've been perusing the Fair website and looking at the map to see where the chicken fried bacon will be sold.  It looks to be sold at just one stand north of the Cotton Bowl.  I'll have to make sure I go there at least once that day, maybe more!

I love funnel cakes, corny dogs, hot dogs, pretzels, sodas, nachos, turkey legs, deep fried (insert food item here), ice cream, sno cones, cotton candy, and all manner of fair food, and I plan on stuffing myself when I get there.  My friends will have to roll me back to my car at the end of the day!

Oh, man, I can't wait!  Just one more week.  Next Wednesday I'll be in hog heaven eating all that fine fried food, looking at all the new cars, watching the livestock shows, and looking at all the contest entries in the myriad categories.  Howsabout that?  I got my friendly on towards this State Fair!

Iffen you ask me real nice like, I might even be persuaded to take my camera and snap some pics to post upon my return!

Look at this:  Chicken Fried Bacon – Thick and peppery Farm Pac® bacon is seasoned, double-dipped in a special batter and breading and deep-fried. Served with a creamy side of ranch or honey mustard sauce.   Served at  N30 located on Nimitz at MLK. Winner of Best Taste in the Big Tex Choice Awards competition.



CatBoy said...

I hope you have a blast. I've never been to a state fair, I think maybe it's the lack of vegetables.

Take pictures of the cows- they always take a good picture. Seriously, cows are photogenic.

Jilly said...

that bacon sounds pukeworthy. have a blast.


vq said...

We used to go every year for my sister's birthday. That old wooden coaster was the first roller coaster I ever rode. (And pretty much the last.)

Say hi to Big Tex for me!

emma said...

State Fair starring Ann-Margret, Pat Boone, Bobby Darrin and Tom Ewell is set at the Texas State Fair. I LOVE that movie!!! I don't know why, but I do

vq said...

The broadway musical State Fair is set at the Iowa State Fair. I know because it has one of the silliest, and my favorite, Rogers and Hammerstein songs, All I Owe Ioway.

Anonymous said...

No. Your wrong vq...Emma is right. The movie was filmed in Texas at the state fair. Our family has a connection to the Texas State Fair & movie. My bride's family hails from Becker, Texas (her maiden and family name). Her ancestors came to Texas before it was a state and raised cotton and cattle. There's still a thousand acres or so in the family. And most of the family now passed on are resting in the Becker cemetery on the homestead land, including the first, Wilhelm Ernst Becker up to my bride's parents and one of her brothers.
Anyway, The reprised Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical State Fair—the version with Pat Boone and Ann-Margaret—was filmed in part at the Becker homestead. The opening credits features Boone tooling along country roads in sports car and then drives up to the homestead. You can find more details & photographs at