Monday, September 15, 2008

More Beautiful-er Day Today

I'm spoiled!  Two days in a row of weather perfection.  Today was every pleasing weather superlative all rolled up into a nice package of breeziness and sunshine-ishousnessosity.  It was...GASP!...actually coolish when I stepped out to go to work at 6:40 this morning.  

Usually, Mondays are 12-14 hour workdays for me, there is just that much for me to do.  Because it was so nice outside, and because I didn't want to sit in traffic for an hour to go feed those cats, I told my staff that I was leaving on time today...on time, by golly!  After they all laughed at me, I told them I was serious.  I was going to work a plain and simple 8 hour shift (7-4), then run out of the store.  I told them they had until 3pm to ask me questions, because at 3pm I was going to make the schedule for next week and take care of some other things so I could leave at 4pm.  Seriously, 4pm, you betcha.

Well, you can imagine what happened.  Those smart alecs!  I made a show of running off the floor at 3 o'clock, much to the amusement of a couple people who were using the walkies to say, "Jenny, I've got a question.  No, I've got a question.  No, me first, I've got a question!"  Wisenheimers.  

When I got to my office I had a couple people who really did need to ask me some questions, and of course we all 'girl freaked' over the star and arrow-shaped post-it notes I had bought at Office Depot on  my lunch hour.  Hey, 225 star-shaped post-its for $1.99.  That was cheaper than the store brand boring pack of plain square ones.  And of course this devolved into a discussion of how I didn't buy the heart shaped ones because, really, wouldn't that be just a bit odd in the workplace. 

And so, I finally was able to start my work, and after a few small interruptions by the 'parade of people', I left at 4:31pm.  And wouldn't you know it...the highway was already full.  Well, poo-pee.  It took me 40 minutes to get to the Cat House.  As I turned the key I could hear the kitties' collars jingle jangle, then they stopped short when they saw it was just me.  Snooty kitties.  They miss their mom.  One had knocked a lamp off an end table, but it fortunately didn't break.  Tomorrow is the last day I'm going to go feed them, and it will be nice to have my time to myself again, though the cats are certainly much happier staying at their home rather than being in a cage at their vet's office.  

I tried to take some pics of the cats, but they kept squirreling around, so I'll see if any of them turned out.  If so, I'll post some later on.

That's all for now, my friends.  Such an exciting life I lead.

Oh wait!  I hear that the big hot food item at the Texas State Fair this year is chicken fried bacon.  Say it with me now...."OH MY GOD THAT'S WONDERFUL!"  You betcha.


CatBoy said...

Chicken fried bacon? So, it's going to be dipped in something, fried, and served with gravy?

I'm not sure I'd like to eat it, but I'll read about it. Bacon is bacon, how can you make it better than that?

Jenny Robin said...

It makes me so sad when so few make comments here. Sniff, cry, mope.

Spidey said...

i feel your pain.

Martha said...

Chicken-fried bacon?

Is that like chicken-fried steak, but...bacon?

Oh my. Eagerly awaiting a report.