Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Most Beautiful Day in Months

I am not exaggerating.  Today is truly the most beautiful day we've had in months.  Ike ended up just giving us winds and rain all day yesterday, and it's still windy today, but that is the extent of it.  

The sky is fresh and clean looking, even around downtown, and the temperatures are warm but not hot.  It is truly refreshing and gorgeous.  

I drove to my parents house to meet the family for Sunday dinner, and I spent some time outside in their backyard playing with my nephew and the two dogs next door.  My Dad usually keeps a large bag of doggie bones on hand, but was out, so he gave two large slices of strawberry flavored angel food cake and 2 pieces of garlic bread from lunch to my nephew to feed to the dogs.  The angel food cake was met with curiosity at first, then quickly gobbled up.  The garlic bread was eaten straight away.  Silly pups.

Then I drove to my friend's house to tend to the kitties.  I was greeted with aloofness today and felt as though I wanted to say to those cats, "You know, it costs me $7 in gas, $3 in tolls, and at least 90 minutes of my time every day for me to come and take care of your ungrateful snow white asses."  They  must have sensed I was perturbed, as they were careful to meow and present themselves for petting shortly thereafter.  Lucky me.

Today my younger sister was telling us how the people at her work have not seen The Princess Bride.  How is this possible?  She said she was using the quote, "Have fun storming the castle," from the movie as a humorous retort to something that a coworker had said, and it went unappreciated because no one had seen the movie to understand the reference.  Insanity...Cliffs of Insanity, even.

My nephew was wearing cowboy boots with camo shorts and a t-shirt, which is so very little boy.  Cowboy boots with shorts...that's one of those little kid things that will forever be both ridiculous and adorable at the same time. 

And that is all I have for now.


Martha said...

It always flabbergasts me when I encounter someone who's not familiar with The Princess Bride. That film is a part of my psyche, as is Serendipity. I quote from them on a daily basis. When someone doesn't catch a Serendipity quote, I understand - it's not a part of the collective consciousness the way Princess Bride is- but I just don't get it when a Princess Bride quote goes unappreciated.

One might even say that it's inconceivable.

CatBoy said...

Prepare to die.

Cowboy boots and shorts- that could be my fall look.

Jilly said...

i wore out 2 VHS copies of princess bride while growing up. my love for it was further cemented when the book made it to the approved list for our inclusion english classes, it's written a t alow level and has action, romance, humor and a good plot. i don't know what more the kids could want (besides not having to read).