Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Is Here...Almost

No rain thus far here in Dallas, but the wind is really picking up.  It's difficult to tell on the 'projected path' screen shots if it is going to actually hit the city or pass just east of us.  I vote for east.  Either way, we're definitely going to get a lot of rain, which, being the weekend, won't hinder traffic nearly as much as if it were during the workweek.  Of course, I work tonight, so it will hinder me.  Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive.

Also, I'm taking care of my friend's cats while she's out of town on a trip, which I'm happy to do.  The downside is she lives 18 miles away.  It takes an hour to get to her house from my store if I happen to leave my store any time between 4pm and 6pm.  So last night I waited until 7pm to go and it just took me 25 minutes.  There's nothing like scooping kitty poo to remind onesself of the downside of owning a cat.  But I scooped, I fed, and I played with those two rascals for about half an hour.  I'll go back tonight after I get off work at midnight.  

We've already had a goodly number of evacuees from Houston in the store yesterday.  I'm sure we'll have more today, as almost everyone is without power there.  I'm doing laundry and running the dishwasher just on the outside chance that the high winds cause us to lose power here.  I'm also baking a lasagna....mmmm, tasty.

That's not all I got, but that's all I can post.  Enjoy your weekend.


LMC said...

Hope you and all of yours remain safe.

CatBoy said...

Me too. Baking lasagne, scooping litter boxes- you're hired!

Jilly said...

i hope all goes well for you and your family.

i do not go near the cat's box, that's my guys job. i kept telling him that the box was bad for women and he didn't believe me until i got pregnant and the obgyn told him that the box was his chore forever and ever.

i used to live in a lovely city where all the utility lines were undergound, we never lost power, phones, water, gas or cable once, not even when we got hurricane isabel and everywhere else in the state was without power and other services for a week or so. i now live in baltimore where half the city loses power if the weatherman says rain. go figure.