Friday, September 05, 2008

We're Really Gonna Do It, No Really

Catboy and I are really gonna do it.  Get your minds out of the gutters, folks.  I mean we're going to walk across the country one day.  Isn't that grand?  It's kind of exciting, actually.

Surely people have walked across the country before.  I wonder how all the logistics played out:  which highways did they use, how much support staff did they have, did they have any sponsors, did they meet folks along the way who gave them dinner and put them up for the night?

What a neat thing to think about.  It's kind of thrilling to have my mind meander through this.

I like to try these kinds of experiments.  Remember my infamous one in January of 2006 where I vowed I wouldn't spend any money for the entire month, then ended up buying a new vehicle?

What are your thoughts?  Do you want to join us when we do this?  I figure it'll take over 100 days.  Maybe you could join us for part of the trip, at least.

Chime in, folks.


Beanns37 said...

I would definitely do part of the walk with you, let me know when you are in So Cal!

Jenny Robin said...

This guy is walking across America right this very moment:

CatBoy said...

We really are, aren't we? I will check put that link, it's good to hear from someone who has done it or is doing it.