Saturday, January 26, 2008


As I was going through boxes of 'stuff', I came across some art supplies I bought years ago.  I don't consider myself anything more than a lover of color and texture and pattern, certainly not one who possesses any skill.  And if it weren't for Schell's recent posting of the beautiful pictures she painted, I would have set aside my pastels, paper, and water colors, placing them back into the large Rubbermaid 'to keep' box, and storing them away for another 4 years.

But, you see, I had just purchased three 3-image black frames at IKEA earlier in the week, and they were sitting on my dining table, positively singing at me, harmonizing a song to urge me to put them into service.  And so, with no delay, I made 'umm-art'.  

These pictures are what I came up with.  The photos look fuzzy because the black shapes are 'blurred' or 'blended' by my fingers, so the camera obviously could not auto-focus on the image very well.  

Take a look at the three greenish ones and see if you can tell what they are before you look at the bottom pic.  No fair cheating.  

For the music notation item, I used brown, red, and orange blended together in different amounts for each frame.  For the green I used dark green, light green, and yellow, also in differing blended amounts.  I made the music notations one first, then got the idea to create a larger image out of smaller shapes.  I'm sure there's some sort of art term for that.

At first I was really concerned about the black shapes not being perfect, but I think their imperfection makes them interesting.  It's too bad you cannot really see the color layers in each frame in the photos.  Up close there is such texture to them, and texture to the paper as well.  And the blending/softening of the black lines really looks nice.

So, two $5.99 frames down, and one to go.  Maybe I'll do a fish in three parts, or create a three word picture sentence, or maybe I'll just write squiggles.  I am thinking I've seen the three-part cat idea somewhere before, but I don't remember where, and I'm not even sure if that's true or not.  But if it is, I certainly don't want to take credit for someone else's great idea.

That is all for now. 


schell said...

They look great! I especially like the colors of the paper in the music frame.
How about something with books in the third one? Or, your car.
(and thanks for the compliment, too)

CatBoy said...

I knew where it was going from the get go, but I'm me, so I would. I am impressed that you made your own art, and I think Gracie would like the tribute very much. (I think she might like the fish as well.)

PS. I think I have those frames.

Sheila222 said...

I knew the cat ears!

Martha said...

I didn't know the first one, but the second one gave it away for me.

Love it!