Friday, January 18, 2008

A Little Snow - and - What Will Fat Cat Sit on?

I was walking to the mail drop this afternoon before getting into my car to go to work when I noticed very tiny snowflakes dancing/falling from the sky.  There weren't more than a couple at a time in one place, but they were definitely snowflakes, however tiny they might have been.  This is the first snow of the Winter.  

And, on a totally unrelated note...

I found a wonderful children's picture book a few days ago called "What Will Fat Cat Sit on?".  It is as cute as can be, with adorable illustrations.  The book has a bit of a repeating form.  The question is asked, "What will fat cat sit on?", and we learn that the cow is afraid of fat cat sitting on him, as is the pig, the chicken, and of course, the mouse.  But the mouse points at a chair and tells fat cat to sit on it, which fat cat does.  And so, curled up on his chair, fat cat is all cozy until he thinks aloud, "What will fat cat.............have for lunch?" And the next page is all the animals screaming and running away from fat cat.  Too cute, too cute!  I love children's books.  


blu said...

Question for you, when I was packing my place up, I found a long lost $50.00 Borders gift card. I think it may be a year old, maybe 2 years. Is it still good?

Jenny Robin said...

blu, the gift cards never expire, so it is definitely still good