Thursday, January 24, 2008

Live In Groom Photo

Oh, lookit that.  I can now see the photo while I'm writing the entry.  I used to just see lines of code.  

And now...ladies and gentlemen, I introduce....part of my mostly completed new living room!  The large brown rug and white sheepskin are from IKEA, the coffee table is from...gasp...Wal-Mart (and you remember how much I love to Soma Sembly, right?)  On the bottom shelf of the coffee table is the photo book I made of my trip to Yellowstone and Glacier in 2006.  On the top left is an idea I stole from a resort in Tampa:  a glass dish with sand and seashells (mine are from my Indian Rocks Beach trip) with a tall glass cylinder with a votive candle and holder inside.  On the right is a delicious-smelling candle.  You can also see the reflection on the table top of the framed photos on the wall above the sofa and the lamp that is sitting on the new sofa table.

It seems you cannot see the new sofa table, but I also found that at Wal-Mart.  It was actually labeled as a console table, but it seemed the right height and is reasonably long, so I got it.  Sitting on the sofa table are 2 surround sound speakers, the lamp, two pewter candlesticks with white candles, Gracie kitty's cedar box of remains, and an Asian theme small tray and bowl with a blue design on it, filled with the remaining shells from Florida.  The sofa is not new.  I bought it when I moved here 3 1/2 years ago.  I love the texture of it.

To the left of the sofa are some fishtank supplies, and off to the right are a couple of electronic pieces that I no longer use and need to give away.  My green chair that coordinates with the sofa is barely visible on the right as well.  

I still have a ton of clean-up to do, as I almost finished tearing through those cardboard boxes of 'stuff' and separated it into 'keep', 'shred', and 'toss' piles.  I brought all the books into this room, the second bedroom in the apartment, and feel fairly confident I can fit them all into the existing bookshelves as long as I dust and condense as I go.  I am definitely getting much closer to a home I'm not embarrassed to show guests.  And I found a couple of photos of Gracie, one with her in my Dad's lap while he's sleeping, from the time several years ago that they catsat her while I was on a long trip, and another of Gracie sharing a recliner with my nephew when he was a baby.

And so tonight I'm going to get down to shredding, dusting, finishing laundry, and the up-putting of books.  I still haven't gotten my hair done, so perhaps that will happen tomorrow.  It is supposed to be very icy on the roads tomorrow morning, so we'll have to see.  I did find two cans of de-icer in my boxes of junk, so I'm prepared!  If that runs out, I suppose I could always use spray starch. 

Regarding the blog title, have you figured out this one yet?      

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CatBoy said...

Of course I figured it out.

It's coming along nicely, I like the sofa very much, and the layered rugs add some interest. Most people don't think to put a rug over carpet, let alone two, good idea.