Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Miss Lady and There's No Jujitsu in the Bookstore

An overly enthusiastic, and I would wager, not 100% mentally stable, man entered the store today. It was quite clear from the beginning that he was a big New England Patriots fan. It could possibly have been his 15 requests for books about Tom Brady and whatevertheheckthecoach'snameis. Or maybe it was his happy enthusiasm at his very loud and repeated requests for everyone in the store to "Have a Patriot day!" But I think what really cinched the deal is the shouting-at-the-top-of-his-lungs-outside-the-store, "Go Patriots!!!". He called me Miss Lady several times as I hurriedly helped him. By golly, he was polite. I do believe I will have a Patriot day!

I wasn't there to witness this, but I learned that one day last week there was an 'off' character looking at a martial arts book. He looked at a couple of pages, then started karate chopping and leg kicking. He was approached by one of my leadership team and was told, "Sir, there's no Jujitsu in the bookstore."

Ah yes, I have trained them well.

There's no crying in baseball.
There's no Jujitsu in the bookstore.
Have a Patriot day!


CatBoy said...

That is a great line. I hope that member or your team gets a promotion. (not before you do, naturally).

Anonymous said...

since i work with mentally challenged and emotionally unstable people, stuff like this is expected. often, if you just smile and nodd, you can convince people to do what you want without outbursts, but sometimes it's so hard not to say what you want to.

chenchy said...

When I see or hear the word Patriot ~ I only see Mel Gibson in revolutionary war outfits.