Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fruitful Fruition of Fruits

It was an o-so-exciting day in my neck of the woods.  I slept late, ate some homemade chili, went to get my car's state inspection, then went to my eye appointment this afternoon.  I'm getting both contacts and glasses, as usual, but if I were to pick just one or the other, the entire she-bang would have cost me $20, I believe.  

But I don't feel comfortable not having an updated pair of glasses on hand, even though I prefer to wear contacts daily, so I also selected some supercute frames and asked that they contain transitions lenses when the set is made.  Too bad you'll never see the frames on me, they really are cute...$309 cute.  With everything all added up, the entire visit ended up costing me $581, which at first glance (aha, there's that humor again) seems outrageous, but divided out over the life of the items (3 years minimum is what I go for on glasses), that's a mere $16.14/month.  And I'll just keep getting new contacts each year at no cost.   It's when I have to get both the contacts and the glasses in the same year that it costs an arm and a leg.  

Oh, and I bought some fruit at the grocery store after all this, which is why I feel justified in naming this post as I did.  So there.  Also, I like alliteration.  Alliteration with vowels is also called assonance, if I remember correctly from high school English.  Tee-hee, indeed.  Oh, but this was not assonance, it was consonance, aka alliteration.  And the annoying repetition of a repeating repeatable word.  How redundant can I be?   

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