Sunday, January 27, 2008

Final Umm-Art Wall

I am considering this little wall of umm-art complete.  You may notice I took down the musical notation piece and added three new pieces.  The color scheme of the music didn't look good with the others.  But I am confident I can find a nice home for it.

This afternoon I made another trek to IKEA, along with half the population of the DFW area.  I bought 8 more of those $5.99 frames that you see in the pictures.  What a sweet sweet deal.  And then I went to a crafts store and bought a set of 48 chalk pastels.  They are sooo pretty.  I'm a sucker for color.  I just stared at them for a good 10 minutes when I got them home, thinking how gorgeous they are.

Ok, now for a run-down on the umm-art:  the top piece is a fish, though it ended up looking more like a shark than a fish.  I'm trying to use as few black lines/shapes as possible.  That piece is in honor of my fishies both at home and at work.  The middle one describes my job.  The bottom one is a two-valved mellophone bugle in honor of my summer marching drum corps.  And of course the kitty is in honor of Gracie.

I was telling my older sister about the umm-art, and she wants me to make one for her two new kitties.  I came up with another way to make a cat, so I might make one of each kind for her.  


CatBoy said...

I had no idea that you were so creative in this medium. My hat is off to you.

I have had delusions of painting for years, but I think I know what the end result would be since I can never leave well enough alone.

Jenny Robin said...

Charles, I am just as surprised. I would have said, "Color me surprised," but that would have been too lame a joke.

I've never made anything like this before, and it just erupted out of me.

I was looking at information on pastel art last night online, and there's no way I could ever do portraits or landscapes or still lifes/lives? like the real artists do.

Still, my umm-art makes me feel like I made something pretty, and it look damn good on that plain white wall.

Serenity said...

People should read this.