Sunday, January 20, 2008

Food Poisoning...and...Happy Birthday!

I had food poisoning yesterday and into last night.  I think I've dropped at least 5 pounds, probably more considering everything in my entire digestive system left my body one way or the other.  Lovely, I know.

I feel fine today (as in not nauseous), but I was running a fever before I went to work, so some part of the nasty is hanging on.  I had some tasty Saltines...god I love those crackers...and Gatorade for dinner.  I was finally able to try a bit of something at 5:30 this morning.  I had a Popsicle, thinking that I needed some sugar as well as frozen water.  That was the best damn Popsicle I'd ever eaten.

And in other car turns 2 years old today.  Technically yesterday, but I'm still up from Saturday the 19th, so I'm considering it today.  This is the same vehicle that I named my blog after, because I love it so much.  In fact, I'm going to get it detailed this week as well as get its first state inspection.  My baby's growing up!

I'm on vacation this coming week, trying to use up some of the remaining PTO I have for the year, so I have plans to get a lot of eye doctor, car detailing, cleaning, throwing out stuff, donating stuff, get a haircut/style type things done.  I may also go on a couple of day trips.

That is all.


CatBoy said...

Take care. Have a good day not buying stuff.

schell said...

That reminds me, I have to make a hair appointment this week. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How many times have you had sex in your car? and don't leave out he details