Thursday, January 03, 2008


Topic #1:

There is going to be a memorial service held for Anne-Marie at her store (remember it is the one my friend runs in a suburb of north Dallas) on Sunday evening. In order for the entire store staff to be able to attend if they would like, several of us GMs from other stores in the area are going to bring employees from our stores and work the floor. This way I feel like I can contribute a little something to help out the store during this rough time. And that makes me feel good.

Topic #2:

I should know the final decision of my selection for the Sr. FT role on January 11. That's one week from Friday. I can't wait!

Topic #3:

I have commitment issues. This time regarding getting satellite TV service. It's stupid, I know, but I don't know if I want to get into the 18-month agreement with the satellite companies. Heck, I never even fully unpack my belongings when I move from place to place so that I don't have to commit to staying in one place, how can I commit to something for 18 months? I need to call Direct TV tomorrow and see if they will give me the HD receiver plus HD DVR for free, like Dish Network will, but Dish Network doesn't offer Sci-Fi Channel in HD while Direct TV does. I'm not paying $200 for a receiver and DVR. I'll negotiate them down to a free receiver, free DVR, free setup/installation, and just pay for the programming package with whatever number of free months of HD service they're currently offering. My favorite show is staring up it's back half of season 4 on Friday night, and I'd like to watch it in high def. Wish me luck on the negotiating front.

Topic #4:

I have TWO days off in a row. Bless my little tired heart. I am going to do everything and nothing all at once. Actually, I need to finish reading Princess Bride for MallozziMan's online bookclub. I also need to clean everything I didn't clean thoroughly while I was busy working my ass off the past few weeks. And I plan on making chili again. Dinner with friends Friday evening, and....yep, that's about it. Well, I might try to track down a copy of another book for JM's bookclub, but I don't fancy used books. They're so....used. Still, I'll check it out and see what I see.

Topic #5:

I have a headache and am now going to bed.


Jenny Robin said...

Update to Satellite TV:

I called Direct TV and asked three different ways to get the HD receiver and HD DVR for no cost, and they wouldn't do it for me, so I won't be getting satellite TV at this time. I'm just not going to pay one or two hundred dollars for the way, no how, not when I can put that extra money in my Acadia trip savings account I opened last April.

Martha said...

And now I have two topics:

Topic #1: Acadia will be worth every penny, IMHO. Put that money in the account - you won't regret it.

Topic #2: I love The Princess Bride. It is one of the few books I read after I'd seen the movie, and I was convinced it couldn't be as good as the movie. Wrong again...

CatBoy said...

I cannot believe they aren't willing to waive the fee for equipment- they can usually be persuaded, at least that is what I am told.

Jenny Robin said...

Yep, I'm usually a pretty good negotiator, so I was surprised when all my usual angles didn't work.

I think they are refusing to because directTV has such a HUGE HD programming advantage over dish network, and they know it.

Regardless, I'm ok with it, as I have other things I am going to do with that money each month.

Anonymous said...

our inclusion kids are reading princess bride right now. it's a lighhearted funny book that is pretty low level, so it's perfect for them. we don't have to buy a watered down version and pray it works. i hope you like it. i liked reading it.