Sunday, December 16, 2007

Which Would You Rather?

This is not a trick question. Which would you rather have?

A. A $5 gift card

B. pudding, fruit bar, juice box, applesauce, crackers, candy cane, oatmeal packet, granola bar, star crunch, oatmeal pie, fruity snack, fruit roll-up, raisins, chips, and cup of ramen, a stocking with your name on it

Each year I help Squeaky the Bookshelf Elf find stockings for everyone on my staff (I have to visit several Target stores for a number of weeks beginning in November to acquire enough), write each person's name in gold glitter paint on the stocking, and then fill them with snacks and treats as my, um, Squeaky's gift to my staff.

They may only be filled with inexpensive snacks, but I feel it is a far better gift than it's monetary equivalent. This year I, um Squeaky, is able to do the complete she-bang for under $5 per stocking. Because I must buy in such bulk, it really knocks down the price per unit.

I think people like personalized gifts, even if it's just a 99 cent stocking from Target with their name in gold glitter paint on it.

What do you think?


CatBoy said...

I'd rather have the snacks, even if I don't like all of them, since the $5 doesn't buy all that much and seeing a stocking crammed with stuff is more fun to go through. (I would not be opposed to finding something chocolate in addition to the oats and noodles, like one of those squares of Ghirardeli.)

Jenny Robin said...

Charles, the company gives each store $200 to buy food for the holidays, so I'll be filling the candy bucket in the breakroom using a bit of that money. And yes, chocolate is definitely on that list!