Monday, December 10, 2007

Kitty Adoption

My sister, BIL, and nephew have applied to adopt two rescue kitties. They told me on Sunday the name of the place, but I cannot remember it. It is one of the many organizations that PetsMart partners with for pet adoption services. My sister had to provide a couple of references and just emailed me tonight because they need another reference. There is even the possibility of a home visit.

I guess it's good that the rescue organization takes the adoption so seriously, but it's also rather amusing. I told my sister to give the org my cell number, and that I would return their call when they contacted me. We grew up having a cat, and my sister's family took care of Gracie (including insulin shots) during one of my 2-week sojourns a couple years ago, and they just finished taking care of my BIL's sister's 2 cats for almost a year.

Have you heard of anything like this before? I mean, references and home visits?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it's normal. When I adopted my cats, they called my references. One place did an actual home visit before allowing the cat to come home, and the other mentioned surprise home visits after the cat was adopted, but I haven't seen or heard from them since.


CatBoy said...

I think it varies by the rescue organization, how much they ask and how much they expect you to back up with references.

If I told a rescue place what I did to keep Brick alive, they'd either think I was full of crap or they'd offer me a whole litter. Thankfully I have my vet as a reference.

emma said...


Those stipulations are what got Ellen into trouble.


We got Nesta from the Humane Society--no home visits just paperwork.

Maybe Child Protectives Services should take a page from the Pets org's book and investigate abuse allegations against children with that same fervor. Maybe less dead and/or abused kids would be the result

CatBoy said...

Ooh, Emma is getting political, I like that.

Jenny Robin said...

The organization called me this evening. I returned their call on my break and noticed the lady asking me the questions was very nervous. When I was done, I called and spoke with my BIL, laughing at the whole ordeal.

They're going to make great kitty parents.

Spidey said...

i agree with emma. they should take as much care placing children.