Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Best wishes to you all for a happy, safe, and festive holiday. Whether spent with friends, family, or in relaxed solitude, I hope your day has been remarkable in some positive way.

Mine went a little something like this:

*went to bed at 5:30am after staying up late late late watching several eps of Lost, Season 3 on DVD
*woke up at noon, continued to watch LOST
*ate light lunch of leftover chicken
* watched more LOST
*wrapped last two gifts that I forgot were sitting on table
*house chores
*made myself purdy (or at least clean)
*drove to Ft. Worth to spend Xmas with family
*felt sorry for self because my 2 sisters have so's and I'm alone
*slapped self for not being grateful for everything I do have, including 2 sisters who have so's
*watched ungrateful nephew open my gift to him
*ungrateful nephew threw my presents at me
*made decision not to get ungrateful nephew a birthday gift
*reminded self to feel grateful that I have an ungrateful nephew
*reminded self to delete stupid post from yesterday
*deleted stupid post
*laughing at self stupidity
*feeling tired from too much thought
*going to watch more LOST
*thanking goodness I have Thursday off!


Anonymous said...

Robin,perhaps your new year's resolution should be to go out on dates more often and seek out people who might appreciate your keen intelligence and life force. Just a suggestion; not that you need a man to be happy, but they do come in handy for taking out the trash.

Jenny Robin said...

who the heck are you?

no one calls me Robin, so you must not have any idea who I am.