Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tri-Movie Review

Even though most of my time is occupied by work these days, I still found some time in the past week to watch 3.5 DVDs. This is mostly because I completed my Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago. Go me. I have no idea right this second what is going to pop out of my fingers when I start typing about these fils, so be prepared.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Wow, Jim Carrey can act. When did that happen? The production design was intriguing, the kids were good. Billy Connolly...I just want to wrap him up and take him home in my pocket. But the story, based on the books of course, was...meh. Could that be why I stopped reading the books after the first one?


I watched this one on HD starting at midnight and had to turn it wayyyyy down so that I wouldn't disturb my neighbors. I absolutely must buy this film and crank it up during daylight hours. I haven't seen the live musical yet, but now I have to. Incredible.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

I don't know why I put this in my Netflix queue, but I am so very glad I did. I had no idea it would be so funny to me! I laughed so much at this film and have been wanting to talk about Steve Carroll's genius in it with some friends of mine, but I have suspicions that 2 of my dear friends are much older than 40 and still virgins. And it's not exactly an appropriate film to discuss at work, so for right now I've had to settle with chuckling on my own.


I only had a chance to watch 45 minutes of the documentary on Theremin, which discusses the life of (can't remember his first name) Theremin, the Russian scientist who invented the instrument. You know the instrument I mean....think the X-files theme. Yes...that's a Theremin. It is fascinating. It really is! Maybe I'll go and finish watching it before I go to work in a couple of hours.

Next up in the Netflix queue is Lost, Season 3, discs 1-3. At this point I cannot even remember where Season 2 left off.

(This post inspired by Charles' efficient Sweeney Todd review.

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Oops. I decided to dump my two sentence review and do a real one. Although it is still fairly short (for me).