Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tired Eyes and Blistered Toes

I should wear a pedometer at work. I have one, but it doesn't work well. My eyes are tired and I have, well had because I popped it, a blister on the bottom of one toe, from walking around my store so much today.

And Squeaky the Bookshelf Elf almost didn't have any food to bring to my staff because the person whom I asked to take it upstairs to my office for me (after I dropped it off at the receiving dock last night), put it in the breakroom by mistake.

But I got most of it back...Squeaky made me take it from the breakroom...and packed the staff's stockings full of goodies.

I must go to bed now and sleep a very long time. I work the closing shift tomorrow, so at least I can sleep in.



Joshua Meyers said...

Great blog.

I saw your comment over at Joe's and followed the link to your blog.
Keep writing, however brief your entries, they are very good.

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CatBoy said...

Are you still asleep? Well, hello you. I hope the blister is bearable.

Jenny Robin said...

Hi Josh, thanks for stopping by. I'll check out your blog as well.

Charles, I woke up a little after 11am, after sleeping about 10 hours. I feel pretty darn good. I'm sorry about your water woes.

The blister is gone. The feet heal quickly, especially overnight.