Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Success--Read All About It!

The Jenna and Laura Bush event was wildly successful.  It was hot, packed, and people were excited, but I didn't encounter any problems at my post.

I was talking with one of the Secret Service agents on their detail, his name was Tim, and he was telling me how he'd been up since 5am and had been wearing his bullet-proof vest since shortly thereafter.  Poor guy, it was damn hot in that store because of the hundreds of people moving through it.  

Everyone had to go through security and a metal detector, and the whole prep and get-up was interesting.  

I'm so dehydrated.  I probably sweated off a few pounds of water, and having just showered, I'm going to re-hydrate myself then retire.  

I'm supposed to be off tomorrow, but I have a meeting/project all morning at another store and then a conference call in the afternoon.  

I got a signed copy of the book that I think I'll give to my nephew's school.  It's still in my car.  I'll try to remember to bring it up and post a pic or two of it tomorrow.  It really is a cute story and a wonderfully illustrated book.


Anonymous said...

i personally wouldn't go out of my way to see anyone in the bush family, but i'm glad your event went well and hope you sold lots of expensive drinks.


CatBoy said...

I like Barbara Bush.