Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Practice-Walking in My Shoes

My spanky new shoes arrived several days ago, and I've been practicing walking in them because I quite frankly need to so as not to fall on my ass in three weeks.  The shoes are pretty, pointy, and black and have a 2-inch heel, if I'm measuring it correctly.  They are close-toed with strappy heels.  Elegant and sophisticated, I think, which is everything I'm not.  I wouldn't consider them high heels, but rather medium heels.  I'm completely incapable of walking in anything other than flats.  

Anyone have advice on how to walk in heels?

My dress also arrived today.  It is black, simple, and lovely.  I found a black 'shrug' to wear over the sleeveless dress, and the skirt portion comes down a bit past the knees, which is a good thing for me.  I need to accessorize, and I am thinking bracelet and necklace in silver.  Good choice for black?  Or I could go with some color.  I am not fond of the closure for the shrug (two very ugly buttons), so I'm thinking of ripping off the buttons and fastening it with a pretty pale green and pale blue on a silver background pin in the shape of a dragonfly that I bought a few years ago. 

Would this be too much with a necklace?  The necklace would sit higher up.  

Good grief, I don't know.  I'm completely inept at these sorts of things.  And I also need to figure out where I'm going to put my hotel room key (which is all I will need to carry with me) since there are no pockets on the dress.  Any ideas there?

Your Fashion-absent dork


Spidey said...

i would continue to practice walking in the shoes, and let me tell you, your legs and feet will hurt at the end of the evening from being at a different angle than usual.i wear flat shoes and when i wore heels at my sons wedding last year i was feeling it.
silver would look lovely with the black. i think the pin and the necklace might be a bit much on the front of the dress however. how about changing the buttons?

sheila222 said...

silver is good,, nothing says elegant and classic and understated sophistication like pearls imo-

leave your room key at the front desk or carry a small black clutch

Jenny Robin said...

I'll have to clutch all night while I dance my heart out if I do that.

CatBoy said...

Your hotel key may very well be one of those cards (I liked keys), so my suggestion to tie it to a ribbon and attach to the inside of your skirt with a tiny safety pin might not be of any use. I think putting it in an envelope and leaving it at the front desk is the best idea.

I like silver but that's just a personal preference on my part, so I couldn't say if it the best choice, or if it's just what I would choose.

Depends on the necklace, if the necklace is small-scaled and/or short, and there is some distance between it and the pin, it might not be too much. But getting buttons the same color as the shrug would be a safe way to play it.

Martha said...

What Cat said.

Anonymous said...

get a small wristlet type purse, you can get them the size of a clutch or so small you can only fit your ID and a $20 folded up hanging off your wrist like a bracelet. college students carry them for clubbing. if that doesn't sound comfy, there is always your bra (snort).

good luck with it.