Sunday, April 13, 2008

Casper & Gizmo

These are my friend's cats with their portraits that I made for them.  The kitties are brothers and are such a hoot.  Casper is the kitty on the top, and he is hamming it up for the camera.  He wears a red collar which is why his portrait is in red hues.  The bottom picture is that of Gizmo and his portrait.  A very aloof kitty, Gizmo was unusually happy to have me snap his pic.  His portrait is in blue hues because he always wears a blue collar.

Silly kitties.


CatBoy said...

I really like your artwork. I hope you continue your experiments with pastels. I keep telling myself I should buy a couple of cheap sketchbooks and try something out. I never could draw all that well, but maybe that is beside the point.

Jenny Robin said...

It IS beside the point. I can't draw at all, as evidenced by my search for conveying meaning in as few lines and shapes as possible. And you can obviously tell how 'off' the proportions and balance and all that jazz is.

Go grab some sketchbooks and give it a try.

I'll never be able to draw well, but my family and friends seem to like these Umm-Art things I make, and I don't think they're just saying it to be nice. So, go find something in the art-realm that you like to do and think looks good.

I'm convinced we all are capable of at least one good painting/drawing/sketching/pasteling thing.

CatBoy said...

I'll do it. Maybe I'll take a sketch book on my trip and try something when I am in a public garden.

And, your drew them so I can't argue your point, but I assumed your drawing as few lines as possible was more an exercise in restraint than in your lacking ability. And here I was envious of your restraint, which I have never had when it came to anything artistic.

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emma said...

LOVE those portraits!!!!