Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Sister Bought Me a Goat!

For my birthday this year I'm asking my family and friends to donate to Heifer International via in lieu of gifts.  I created a gift registry a couple of weeks ago and sent my older sister the link.  In yesterday's mail I received a confirmation that a goat had been purchased through my registry.  

Hooray, a goat!

My birthday is April 10th, this coming Thursday, and if you feel so inclined, a $10 donation can buy a share of an animal.

Click on this link:  My Registry to donate.



CatBoy said...

So, it could be said (by an idiot) that you got your sister's goat.

I think it's generous of you to do this, I don't like my birthday, but getting gifts seems to make up for it. It would never occur to me to be charitable on my birthday--you are very kind to.

I have given others gifts from Heifer, I just never thought to ask for one.

Will you get mad if I buy you a gift--I planned to pick something up on my trip (and I already know what).

CatBoy said...

I used an apostrophe where one does not belong.

Jenny Robin said...

I won't mind.


I don't see an errant apostrophe.

CatBoy said...

Yeah, you're right-- I should have been wearing my reading glasses.

CatBoy said...

Happy Birthday Goat Girl.

emma said...

Happy Belated Birthday Respighi*** Hope it was a fun one