Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dreams of Bunnies...and...New Shoes

I dreamt of bunnies last night.  I think it was because I was playing one of those 'free for 60 minutes' games last night involving running a pet shop.  I love those games.  There were bunnies for sale in the game.  That's the only thing I can think of as to why I would be dreaming of bunnies.

I think I have decided to wear a dress to the awards ceremony at my company's spring conference in April.  I haven't worn a dress or skirt in 10 years, and I'm thinking I would like to wear one now.  I think I know the dress I want and where to buy it.  It is a simple black dress that comes down to the tops of the knees, but it is sleeveless, and my arms don't do sleeveless, so somebody help me out with what I can drape or layer over it to make it snazzy and hide my arm flab.  Also, should I or should I not wear black pantyhose?  We're talking April in Orlando, and I don't know pantyhose etiquette.  Can anyone help me out?

I have also been looking for cute shoes to wear with such a dress.  I hate sandals, as I think my feet are ugly...everyone's toes are I wanted a shoe with a bit of a heel, but not too high, black in color, with a closed toe but a strappy back.  Tonight I ran a search on Zappos and found the PERFECT pair, and they were only $46.  And they had one pair left in my size.  Holy cow.  I got lucky.  I was also able to find a pair in vanilla bean (read:  off white or cream) that I can wear if I buy this other dress I saw and want.  The vanilla bean pair was only $41, and again they only had one pair left in my size.  SCORE!

I love because you don't have to pay any sales tax and there is free shipping both ways.  Most of the time I get my shoes within 24 hours, though since I ordered at 1 am, I'll probably get my shoes Friday.   

I was such a tomboy growing up and never had a good role model for being feminine, so I kinda like feeling all girly sometimes.  And if I show up in a dress, it will shock all my co-workers, so that kind makes it worth the effort, too.  Ha ha!

So let me know about the what-to-wear-with-a-sleeveless-dress part as well as the pantyhose part.



schell said...

Res, What material is the dress? Is it a flirty, swingy dress or an a-line? I love a cute old-fashioned cardigan over a solid dress (think the kind your grandmother probably wore) or a dressed up denim type jacket...not made in denim of course. Maybe you can find a silkish one or a nice linen one in the color of your choice.

emma said...

I'm not a fashion icon, but I agree with Schell.

A simple black dress is perfect--I wouldn't wear something sleeveless either and a cute lightweight cardigan is perfect with it. Either the same tone/and black fabric of the dress or a one-color blue--or what ever color is your favorite.

No black pantyhose---neutral color with a simple shoe. If your shoes are off-white then DEFINITELY no black hose!

Can't you wear pants to this event? There are some nice dressy pants out there.

Spidey said...

a pretty wrap would also cover the arms, but could become cumbersome if you are also eating. there are some cute little jackets out there.
i agree with the neutral color hose.

Jenny Robin said...

I will be wearing the black shoes, not the offwhite. The offwhite will be for another dress for another occasion if I have another occasion. I wear pants every year and want to wear a dress this time, Emma.

The night goes: dinner, awards ceremony, dancing

So I need something that can transition well into hardcore fat-lady-jumping-around dancing.

CatBoy said...

I think you should drape a younger man around you. I heard that.

I don't know what is in and what is not as I have never been in and I do not wear dresses, black or otherwise, but I have seen some women wear a sheer button-up blouse over a dress, but un-buttoned, so that it's more like a jacket.

I hope you knock them on their asses (and not from your dancing).

Martha said...

Are the shoes closed-toe? If so, then go with neutral hose. If they're peep-toe or open at all (I'm assuming not, as you don't like toes), then skip hose entirely.

I'd go with a brightly-colored cardigan or shrug, or a wrap; a cardigan/shrug will definitely be less cumbersome than dealing with a wrap.

CatBoy said...

Can Res come out and play?

Jenny Robin said...

Res is very very tired from being very very busy.

CatBoy said...

Sleep well. Take a bath. Then sleep some more. (There should be some chocolate somewhere in there.)

Anonymous said...

usually pantyhose and florida don't really mix, but you live in a hot state already, so you should be able to tell if it's a good idea or not. i'm pale, so i'd put the hose on and grin and bear the hot muggy weather. if you've got a half-decent not dead looking skin tone, you might be able to pull off no hose. and i agree with martha, it is SO tacky to wear panty hose with open toe shoes, although they do make special hose for that. i really hate it when people wear reinforced toe hose with open toe shoes. i'm not overly fashionable, but there are a few rules i won't break, and that's one of them. good luck.