Monday, July 30, 2007

Name Dropping

This blog post was inspired by Charles, a person whom I adore while having never met. I guess I should also say that he inspired it with something he mentioned in his most recent blog post (see the link to the right to check it out), but I in no way am attempting to ridicule or poke fun at him. Stop laughing.
I know a man. This man is about 10 years older than I am and has had a lot of intense and spectacular life experiences. He also is a first class name-dropper. And no, I'm not going to mention his name.

This man was in a position where he met authors, celebrities, sports stars, and political figures on a regular basis...and he told us this constantly. Conversation with this person was always peppered with Deepak Chopra this, and Price Albert that. The funny part is that this man actually had met or was firm acquaintances with all the people he mentioned. One could even say he was a friend of a couple of them.

But none of this diluted the effect his name-dropping had on me and my peers. One day Mr. X told me he had eaten dinner with Dr. Phil. Big whoop. I've hosted Dr. Phil at 2 different book signings in two different stores. But I learned later that he had eaten dinner in the same restaurant at the same time as Dr. Phil, and thusly a running joke was born.

Then the unfortunate behind-the-back comments began. When Prince Rainier of Monaco passed away, we began to joke amongst ourselves that Mr. X could possibly be called upon to be a pallbearer. After all, Mr. X had Prince Albert's cell phone number programmed into his own cell...he showed me!

I could go on and on and on...and on. But the interesting thing is I really like Mr. X. He's smart and funny, and I also like his fiance. I'm always very happy to see them both. If name-dropping is the worst thing to be said about a person, I suppose he's doing well in the grand karmic scheme. And he did get me a free signed and personalized Peter Max print a few years ago.

Still...I think it's really really funny.

Some day I'll post my name-drop list.
Who is on your list?


UrbanStarGazer said...

Hmmm . . . well, if he really knows these people and they're in his life, is it really any different than you or me telling a story about something and mentioning a friend?

That said, I have a friend who is very star struck and he's an entertainment attorney so he actually represents lots of famous folk so, again, they're a part of his life and when he mentions them, it always feels like he's nam dropping but in reality, that's his life.

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Stargazer, it is different if you say "I had dinner the other night with my dear friend Brad Pitt, international superstar of such films as . . . and husband to Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie," as opposed to saying "I had dinner with my friend Brad, his wife is hot, but kind of weird."

Res, I know you aren't making fun, since my name-dropping is always "I saw someone from 100 feet away" or "such-and-such composer almost knocked me over and then didn't say he was sorry."

My only actual meetings with so-called famous people have been at stage doors and tens of thousands of other people can make the same claim.

Anonymous said...

i don't really have any name dropping stories, as i've never really met anyone that it's neat to say "oh, i met...." I'm not impressed by name dropping but it can be annoying if someone really is doing it for people to say "oooh and ahhhh" or are making it up.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

PS. I forgot to tell you, that Prince Rainier line was great.

HeatherMWA said...

I have thankfully been out of the fringes of the music/Hollywood scene for a few years now and name dropping episodes are slim to none for me. People in my immediate acquaintance are impressed that the carpenter from Colonial House has actually exchanged e-mails with me. Pathetic. (How's that for a name drop! Pathetic.)

What I love these days are the local name droppers I get working in regional theatre. As if anyone who lives in Fresno (aside from poet Pete Everwine, whom I also know well) is at all impressive.

And such ends my name dropping.

Martha said...

I have two: Dr. Seuss (it's fun to mention when his name comes up that my grandmother dated him when they were in high school), and Caroll Spinney. Usually no one recognizes the name Caroll Spinney... they need "Big Bird" or "Oscar the Grouch" to go with it.

emma said...

I think Dr Phil is an absolute bore. He has no humor at all. And his wife Robin looks as vapid as a wisp of smoke.


Did I tell you that I once had sex with David Letterman.

It was in my dream of course. But still