Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Grand Hallows Ball

It is 3am Saturday morning, and I've just returned home from my store to catch a nap before going back to work in a couple of hours. The Harry Potter 7 book release was a GINORMOUS success, with 1,000+ happy people, and only one inappropriately behaving, disgruntled person. I figure a 99.9% happy rate is pretty darn tootin' good.

Two trolleys were running as the Hogwarts Express, and we had an absolutely huge assortment of activities, games, etc., occurring all evening.

I am so proud of my staff that I cannot adequately express it in written words. I've posted a few pics, as you can see. The first one being part of my staff that was still in the store at 2am.

I received so many compliments from customers about how we ran the entire evening. The customers were ready and willing to help make the event a success, and so I give them a big shout out!

We have plenty of books left, so I am looking forward to making even more people happy tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

I'm a bit exhausted, as I went to work at 8am Friday morning, and I will probably be at work until mid-afternoon Saturday, but it's all worth it. I was a part of making history tonight. It's not every day that a person can say that.

Go books!


Anonymous said...

i'm glad it went well, i'm so nosey and gossipy that i'm dying to know what the person did to get on the bad list. sleep well.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...
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CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I think you all deserve a cup of tea (or something stronger), a nap, and a big slap on the back (at the very least) for your efforts.

Kudos to you all. Very impressive and looks like it must have been a blast for all involved.

PS. The woman in the boots and glasses on the stairs in the first photo looks familiar to me. Was she in one of the photos of your new cafe in progress?

Anonymous said...

damnit now i want to know what was deleted too. grrr resp's blog is hell for the nosey, like me.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Are you talking about the deleted comment? It was mine and it had too many typos to let it stand, so I dumped it and rewrote it.

You missed out on nothing other than bad grammar.