Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Glacier National Park---One Year Gone

It has been one year since I visited Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. The beauty I saw was overwhelming, and I remember it to this day.

I've posted the first picture above many times. It is still my favorite of any photo I've taken. The second picture is evidence of what the power of a mac can produce in conjunction with the iPhoto program. I've placed a piece of white paper to cover the my name and my friend's name, though you know 2/3 of my name already. And the 3rd pic displays the high quality of the photo reproduction. In essence, it is a photograph of a book of photographs. Enjoy. And if you don't have a mac, you're missing out on great things.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I feel very special in that I know 3/3 of your name.

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

PS. I still like the photo as much as you do.

Anonymous said...

my guy's daddy was a geodetic scientist for the federal government for almost 45 years. He has slides upon slides of pictures he took while on field trips when he got his first BS degree and his second master's degree. some of his best were from a hike to the top of a glacier.

I asked him why he went into geology/cartography and then into geodetic scince and he said "we got to take the best field trips." when i was in college, I took a few classes and am envious of the trips he got to take. i love his slides, pictures, and stories, and every so often, he'll get them out and let me look at them again.