Monday, February 05, 2007

Yes, Emma, They're Orange

My hat, scarf, and shoes are orange. The vest didn't come in orange, so I got black. I am placing an order tonight, though, for another vest (this one will be regular ol' goose down) which IS orange. I'm such a freak. I used to hate the color orange; now I think it is vibrant, vital, and vivid.

Verbie, what brand of water filter do you have on your fish tank? The one on my 29-gallon tank at home is having some problems, and I want to replace it. It came with the set-up kit, so I think it is PetSmart's brand called Top Fin.

I did my taxes yesterday. I had saved all my receipts for 2006, but even when I added up the sales tax on all 600+ transactions, including my car and computer, it still didn't add up to more than the personal exemption/deduction/whatever, so I saved all the receipts for nothing. I did verify, however, that all my money goes to about 5 or 6 main places. Lucky them. I wonder if that is the case with everyone?

iTunes still hasn't gotten a quality copy of SG-1 season 10 or Atlantis season 3, so I cannot download them. I am most peeved regarding this.

I love spring rolls...tasty. Oh, and Welch's grape soda...mmm.

Gracie kitty was thundering around last night as I was trying to get to sleep. She runs through the vertical blinds in the living room, tears around to the other side of the apartment, runs back, jumps into the tub, and mreows. Silly kitty.

I think that's all I have...nothing very exciting today.


vq said...


vq said...

Weird. It wouldn't let me post a second ago--claimed my cookie function was disabled. Hmmmm

Anyway, I'll let you know on the filter, soon as I figure it out/ask Dave.

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I think it's a riot when adult cats forget they are, and go ballistic all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Orange is the new black


Anonymous said...

This brand is in my opinion the best of the outside filters on the market today Res . You would want a model 50 for that size tank .

I don't particularly like these filters but I have researched all the outside aquarium filters on the market and think this is the best of the lot. 22 bucks ,. you cant go wrong .


Anonymous said...

Sorry Res , I should explain that statement . I think ALL the current filters on the market are junk but out of the junk this aquaclear filter is the best junk and it will work and it's cheap.

I hope Verb didn't mind me answering the question but I do have an awful lot of experience with fish tank equipment .