Monday, February 12, 2007

Free TV for Me

I still don't know how to post links. The only two things I have in my toolbar above are a spellcheck icon and an 'add image' icon.


I found out today that my store won 3rd place in a sales contest involving the Sony Reader. This means that everyone on my staff, plus my boss and my boss' boss each receive a Sony MP3 player. I also get a big arse Sony Bravia flat panel LCD HDTV. Now I MUST get cable or satellite service so that I can join the rest of America in becoming a TV glutton. I am very pleased.

In other news...there was an article in the paper Saturday about the Corteo performance. It mentioned that the injured performer was not seriously injured. Thank goodness. Some of the cast members were in the grocery store across the street during lunchtime today, and I was going to thank them for such a great performance and inquire after their castmate, but I didn't want to hunt them down across the store. Then when I went back to my store, one of my supervisors told me that a cast member had just been in the store. The weather is coldish today, and these folks were wearing black jackets with "Cirque du Soleil" and a large sun embroidered on the backs, which explains how we knew who they were.

I'm still working crazy hours, trying to get this project at work completed. Tomorrow may be the longest day yet. My poor kitty is wailing at me because she misses me.

One last thing. Avoid GE soft white 100 "Energy Saver" lightbulbs. They are the ones shaped like a spiral that are supposed to last for several years, take less energy than a standard 100 watt lightbulb (because they are in fact only 26 watts), and therefore save around $50 per year in energy. These things definitely do NOT illuminate as brightly as a regular 100 watt incandescent bulb. I'd say they perform about 1/2 to 2/3 as well, despite the information on the package that says they'll illuminate the same. They're expensive, too. I've already thrown out that receipt, or I'd take them back.

It's 10:45 and I'm eating a dinner of sunflower seeds and Welch's grape soda. What does that say about me?


vq said...

Dave went out and bought a whole shopping bag full of those bulbs, Jenny, and insisted that I change out every bulb in the house. They're ok for closets and overhead lighting and such, but after a few weeks of trying to read by the dimness, I switched all the lamps back to regular incandescent bulbs. What an improvement!

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

There are incandescent light bulbs that use less energy but still put out a decent amount of light, but you have try them to know which are best. I hate those twisty ones you are talking about.

I think green-plugs (or whatever they are called) are a far better way to be energy efficient.

They kind of look like one of those timers you put on your lights. You plug them into the outlet and then plug the appliances (that are always plugged in, such as fridge, washing machine, etc) into that and it controls the amount of energy consumed when the appliance is not in use.

vq said...

I've never heard of those, but I'm definitely going to look for them.

emma said...

Right above the box you type your post in, is an icon box “Font Normal size b, I, “T with a tiny color box” immediately to the right of the “T” icon is a chain link-type icon. See it? Ok. You highlight a word or something then press that chain link icon and a smaller box pops up that is titled Hyperlink, you type the full web address in there you want it to link to. Example: then click OK, that word (or link or whatever) you originally highlighted in the text box you’re typing in will then be a hyperlink

sparky said...

On your link problem Res , do you use a Mac? That might be the problem . I said something to Alex about why she never leaves a hyper link and she said she uses a Mac and she can't seem to do it from that machine .

Roger, the Elu said...

I think that the twisty bulbs are energy efficient and responsible, and give off fine light. All the lighting in my room at work is from those bulbs.