Thursday, February 08, 2007

Billionaire at Fish Tycoon

Because of Emma's blog post (to which I posted a comment, but now it's not there!), I decided to revisit a game I played briefly this spring called Fish Tycoon. You can find the web version at Yahoo games.

If you read some of the short reviews, there are many people who say the game is too slow and you can't make any money, and there are many people who say they have infinite money and have bred all the magical fish.

The game is quite simple, and I find it amusing in a strange sort of way. You have two fish tanks; one is 'tank one' and one is the 'sell tank'. You start off with some fish eggs and growth hormone and $300 in an account to buy supplies from the fish store. Over time, the fish grow, and when they are 20 days old, you can drag them into a box on the screen, check their family tree, and set a sale price for them. By cross-breeding them, you can create exotic fish and hopefully/eventually find the 7 magic fish.

If you have a couple hours to spare, it's a fun thing to try. Here are some helpful hints:

-Find a method of keeping track of your hybrids (this is not easy because there are at least 26 base fish; that's a log of cross breeding!)
-Fish will sell in the store for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I started out selling them at $1,000 each
-With a couple thousand dollars you can buy all the decorations that are available on the web version. This wil draw bigger crowds to the fish store
-The bigger crowds will then pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the fish, so money no longer is an issue
-You can use the growth hormones to speed up the pregnancy and of course the growth process of the fish
-With 26 minimum base fish, finding the 7 magic fish may be easier achieved by random pairings than by systematic trial and error
-Not all options are available on the web game, so it is greatly limited...still, it's free entertainment

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