Friday, February 09, 2007

DIsregard Previous Blog Posting

Now, either you will have already scrolled down to read said previous blog, thereby disregarding my instruction, or you have followed instruction and be reading this and only this. Either way, I take pity on you, O Child of the Blog World.

My internal clock is off tonight. I should be in bed asleep right now, but I'm just not quite ready. Today was my day off, but I went in at 7am this morning after leaving at midnight last night. I had called in a team of people to work on a project that is due next Friday. We're now about 25% complete; it's a big project, though not a difficult one.

I haven't been getting much sleep in the past week or so, and I was gravely tired when I came home about noonish, so I took a nap...a long one. After 5 hours of sleeping, I got up, fed the fishies and the kitty, and played the ridiculous game I wrote about below. And of course, now I'm not tired enough to get some sleep.

I do have a fun day planned tomorrow, however. Oh, and before I forget, my orange vest arrived from Land's End today. I had it shipped to work, since I'm never home. It's quite cute, and when I fall down the mountain and over a cliff while skiing in Colorado next month, they'll be able to find me in my new garments. But really, we all know the real reason I bought the stuff is because it matches my beautiful vehicle.

On to tomorrow...after a glorious day at work I will be going to see Cirque du Soleil's Corteo at Fair Park. I believe this is the 4th, maybe the 5th, Cirque show that I will have seen. All hail the procurer of free tickets who then gives them to me! I'm going with several work colleagues, and it is opening night, so it will hopefully be a vibrant performance.

Schell, I thought of you on Tuesday. Wentworth Miller was in my store again. I immediately thought of you and your family because of what you posted in your blog about watching his show together. I was going to say something to him, to pass along how much you enjoy the show, but really, how would it have sounded coming out of my mouth? Probably something like this:

"So, hi there. You shop in my store practically every week. You usually buy magazines with your picture on the cover...not that there's anything wrong with that. I need to tell you that this baseball hat you're wearing today is far more flattering than your sea foam green fishing hat that you usually wear; because let's face it, no one should be wearing a sea foam green hat of any kind. Oh, and I never watch your show because I don't have tv. I mean, I have a tv. I have two TVs, I just don't have 'tv'. I know that's confusing. You see, I have televisions, I just don't have cable, and broadcast reception around here is inadequte which makes no sense but is true. So, I watch everything on DVD, which is really not cost-effective, because at the end of the year it would be much less expensive to simply get satellite or cable or both rather than spend what I do on DVDs. But that's not what I wanted to tell you..."

Well, you can see where that is going.

I'm trying to ration my Dublin Dr. Pepper, but it is just so dang tasty that it's difficult to do so. I should have purchased 2 or 3 cases when I was down there.

I can't remember if I've mentioned before that my nephew is playing chess. He seems to be really enjoying it. It's apparently pretty common now that elementary school kids play chess in after school activities and such. He sometimes plays with a 2nd grader in 'after care' at school as well as challenging his Dad and his Kuppaw (grandpa/my dad) on Sundays. I'm sure the 2nd grader wins most of the games, but it's good for Nephew to learn that he can't win all the time.

I found out on Wednesday that I'll be a trainer again this year. The conference is in April this year, so it should be springtime in Michigan by then...much better than than the bald brown winters of past conferences.

I'm still not sleepy, but I think I should try to get some sleep before going to work.


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

Even without seeing it, I know you're right about the hat.

Good thinking about the orange clothing being visible in a snow-bank.

emma said...

Your post reminded me of a joke:

What country in Europe is the wealthiest?

Ireland, because its capital is always Dublin.

jilly said...

hi resp,

i can sleep for days.

my guy's little brother is actually a chess champion and no one told me the first time i went to play him. i don't play with him anymore. that's like shooting fish in a barrel (not yours).

I don't know if April means Spring in Michigan because it still snows in marts of maryland until the start of June, and Michigan is a lot colder than MD. I think it's more like diet winter in april.

schell said...

Res, maybe one of these days, you can snap a picture of him with his phone, and email it to me.