Thursday, August 31, 2006

Taxes, Vets, and Houses


I received a letter from the IRS telling me I owed them $1,900 from 2004. Hell no, said I. Today I went to an H&R Block office to see how they could help me. I had completed my 2004 tax return online. I exercised a lot of stock options that year and felt that my reporting of that piece on my tax return was most likely where I had messed up the numbers.

I received a call a while later from the tax lady during which I was told that I did owe the IRS a little bit...about $75 plus interest. The tax lady completed the amended return for me as well as took care of whatever else there is to take care of. I have an appointment next Wednesday to pick up everything, pay H&R Block for the service, and mail in all the new information to the IRS.

I'm very relieved I won't have to send such a significant sum to the IRS.


After I went to the tax office, I picked up Gracie's insulin and syringes at the vet. There are a couple of vet techs there who really think my car is they should.


I found online a new little housing community built by KB Homes that has small homes starting at $80,000. I quickly drove through the area this afternoon. I'm going to go back tomorrow, on my day off, and peruse the model homes. The community is about 13 miles from here, and it took me about 20 minutes with no traffic. It's in an older part of town that is kind of run down, but not nasty. House hunting is still just that right now...hunting.

That's pretty much all. Kinda boring this time. I did get three more Stargate SG-1 discs tonight in my mailbox from Netflix, so I'll enjoy watching them all tomorrow.


Kit said...

Shop around for a good CPA. They are an "investment" that one should not overlook.

CatBoy said...

Want to hear something funny/scary? KB homes here start at around $550,000 for a townhouse and $800,000 for a single family home.

emma said...

I agree with Kit.

"There are a couple of vet techs there who really think my car is they should."


CatBoy said...

I looked at some of the floor-plans and I think you should go with a 1 story. You lose too much square footage with 2 floors. I like plan M-1288 M with the 2 bedroom option.