Thursday, August 17, 2006


Two unrelated subjects today.

First, Christmas:

I saw a little Christmas basket yesterday, and I got into a discussion with another person about Holiday music, and how much I enjoy it. There is was, 104 degrees outside AGAIN for the umpteenth consecutive day, and we were talking about which holiday songs we liked, and which artists had good holiday albums. Other Person said that Mariah Carey's album was quite good, and I tossed out my most favorite one by Amy Grant...her 2nd one--can't remember the name of it right now. I mentioned how disappointed I was with Vanessa Williams' Silver and Gold that came out a couple of years ago. Other Person mentioned that O Holy Night was her favorite holiday song. She called the religious songs 'Jesus Songs'. I guess they are. I like both Jesusy and non-Jesusy holiday music.

Later on I remembered the 2-foot tree and ornaments that I bought at 75% off after Christmas last year and began to get excited about the thought of decorating my first-ever own personal Christmas tree. I know it's a few months away, and I'm silly to be excited about it, but there you go. Maybe I'll invite some friends over to help me trim the midget tree and serve them apple cider and Christmas cookies. The absurdity of it would be hysterically funny to me.

Second, Men:

Usually I am very composed in public situations. I don't want to embarrass myself face-to-face (though it doesn't seem to bother me online). Today I was in very grave danger of making a fool of myself. Over a month ago, I had ordered a tiny part for my Honda. It is a little piece of plastic that covers the nut that holds the rear windshield wiper to the window. I lost the original part somewhere on my vacation. Well, I certainly was NOT going to drive 25 miles to the dealer in that crappy Chevy Cobalt to pick it up, so I just waited until I got my car back. This afternoon I had the time to pick up the part. I am so guilty of having car-pride now. I admit it. I love driving my car. I especially love driving my car to the Honda dealer. It's bright, it's hot, it's tangerine. It's a color that you either hate or love, but you just HAVE to know who is driving it.

I love seeing the expressions on the people when I bring it in for an oil change. Everyone else is there in their fuddy duddy silver or white cars...boring. (No offense intended to you silver and white car drivers, it's just my personal preference.) There's almost always at least 2 salesmen standing outside the doors to the dealership, and they always ask me about the car. Yep, I like that, I really do. must have been a very slow sales day, because I had 4, yes 4 men try to open the two doors for me. I'm sure they do that for everyone coming through the front doors, but it was nice.

Then I went to the parts area and 4 men asked me if they could help me. Ahhhhhh...yesssss. Again, I was the only customer there and they were just doing their jobs, but I still liked it.

And then when I was ready to leave, 2 men opened the doors for me again while another 4 were flanking them, sort of like some strange honor guard. I said to them, "You mean I have to run the gauntlet? You guys are scaring me." They didn't understand what I meant, so I just said, "Thanks guys," as I walked out the doors. I should have kept my stupid mouth shut and just said thanks.

But I liked it. I liked it a lot. I put the part on my windshield wiper and left. Two other men stared at my car and smiled at me as I drove out of the dealership.

To them it was just good customer service, but to me, a person who never gets looked at twice by a man unless he needs me to help him find a book, it was bliss.


CatBoy said...

Six different men could not all have been that impressed by Citrus on Wheels.

Were you clothed?

Did you dab some Dr. Pepper ice cream in your cleavage?

Did the heat dry out your throat, causing you to speak in a breathy, seductive tone?

Were all the men recently released from prison?


Moving on, I like holiday music of all sorts, from Mozart's (you'll have heard of him) "Ave Verum" to the Barenaked Ladies "The Elf's Lament". It's all good- except those insipid novelty songs, and if you like them, for God's sake don't tell me.

If you make cookies, I think snowmen would be a good choice in 100-degree weather.

PS. Don't put that angel hair tinsel crap on your tree; it's tacky.

emma said...

Christmas isn't Christmas without hearing Jose's Feliz Navidad, Andy Williams, Mel Torme, and Nat King Cole

res said...

I puke on Feliz Navidad.

We put 'tinsel crap' on my parents' tree every year. I don't think it's tacky, but my cat would eat it.

emma said...

I raise your puke, and vomit on your cat!

***LadyMtnMedic*** said...

You big fart, now you got me doing it too. I love Christmas and have already begun plotting this year's Toy Drive. Now thanks to you I am feeling even more Christmasy.

I think the album of Amy Grant's A Christmas Album might be the one you are thinking of. Had her in her younger years standing in a little jacket on the cover? It's a fave of mine as well.

Merry August to you Res!

Martha said...

I'm betting you're thinking of Amy Grant's Home For Christmas, which is also one of my faves. I, too, like all of the music of the season, secular and religious. (My mom's a church organist, so I grew up with lots of both.)

I've got somewhere around 30 Christmas CDs in my collection...they usually come out in October (when my other half isn't home). However, I may be forced to break one out tomorrow, having read this post. Huzzah!

Kit said...

Christmas music in July, August, I listen to it any time of the year.

Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis, Mitch Miller, Burl Ives, The Carpenters, Liberace...just some of the classic Christmas music I love.

UrbanStarGazer said...

You people have no sense of tradition. Thanksgiving comes before Christmas and I started planning my Thanksgiving three weeks ago. Once I have that all figured out, THEN I swing around to tradition.

Get with it people.