Sunday, September 03, 2006

Laborious Day Weekend

...which reminds me...when is Boss's Day? And shouldn't I be receiving some cards for that from my peeps?

but back to nothing...

On Thursday I decided to scratch all prior made plans and do nothing all day long. Nothing consisted of: not taking a shower (my cat doesn't seem to mind), not doing chores, watching Stargate DVDs all day, snacking, taking a nap, playing with my kitty, and watching my fish play. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

On Friday I had visitors scheduled to come to my store for what we call a store visit. Technical term, isn't it? I know rather well the people who came, so that always makes it nice. It was my boss, my boss's boss, my boss's boss's boss, and another person. They gave feedback on my store and staff, challenged me on a few things, and complimented my store on others. It was a good visit.

Switching I was busy not doing anything on Thursday, I was thinking how I found the drive to the new homes site aggravating on Wednesday. I probably find it so because my current residence is about a mile from work. You just can't top a 5 minute commute. So I probably won't purse it any further. I'm probably just afraid of commitment, but don't throw that old pop-psych at me, please.

Random thought...I like how the leftover milk tastes in a bowl of Golden Grahams.

When I watch a tv series through Netflix, I get obsessed with it for a short period of time. I'm currently obsessed with Stargate, as you might be able to tell. I had an idea last night of something I want to do with my fishtank at work. I would love to find a model of the stargate itself and place it in my tank along with several action figures of the characters. That way my fish could 'travel to distant planets' every time they swam through the gate. If you'll remember, the middle of the stargate looks like a puddle of rippling water when it's activated, so the fish/water theme would go well. I haven't had any luck finding a gate thus far. If anyone wants to look for me, the tank at work is a 20 gallon standard size. I don't know the dimensions, though.

Another random thought...tonight I thought how I sometimes miss playing in a band or orchestra. I haven't made music in 12 years now. It used to be such an enormous part of my life. Funny how I drop one thing, only to pick up another and continue on.

Last question is....who is Kit?


CatBoy said...

So, you're not moving? But, I looked at floorplans for you. I know, you didn't ask me to. Well, whenever you do make the jump, my opinion on 2 levels will remain the same. My place isn't small, but because of wasted space it feels small.

I have never seen Stargate, but I did have the computer game, Time Lapse, on which the show was supposedly based.

***LadyMtnMedic*** said...

I have pretty much done nothing most of this weekend too. I do bathe tho, I cannot stand not feeling clean. Nothing like lazy days at home, kicked back, watching movies, reading, sleeping in. Life of lazy luxury.

What other series have you gotten hooked on? I remember a Little House period...

If I could get obsessed with any series they would be: Sex and the City, Northern Exposure, Frasier, and Third Watch.

Who else has series that they enjoy?
Take Care! Rox

CatBoy said...

I loved the first maybe, three or four seasons of Northern Exposure. I should get those at some point. I feel the same about Picket Fences and ER. The early seasons were so good.

PS. I don't know who Kit is, but I imagine she is an accountant looking for work.

Kit said...

Who is Jenny Robin?

Might your last name be Jones? :-)