Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No Pictures This Time

Today is day 22 without my Honda. The hail damage was quite extensive and is requiring several techniques to fix. The latest news is that I'll have my car back Thursday or Friday.

Car Pride karma has officially kicked me in the ass. I've had to drive around town in this nasty little Chevy Cobalt for 22 days. I want my car back!!!!!!

In other news...

We had inventory on Sunday night. Inventory is a once-a-year event during which an outside service comes into the store and scans every single piece of merchandise in the entire store.

Inventory is not all that bad. I've been through 12 or 13 of them. But every item in the store gets pulled out, scanned, and shoved back. Imagine someone going through your house and touching/moving everything in it. It can look a bit rough when they're done.

On Sunday night customers kept coming to the front door, asking if we were open. It probably looked like we were open because we had people everywhere and all the lights were still on. About an hour into the process a man came to the door, and I sent one of my managers to go explain the situation to him. The manager came back after speaking with the man for a minute and said, "That was Owen Wilson, by the way."


Speaking of celebrities...

There's a show on Fox -- I think it's Fox -- but remember, I don't watch TV, so I've never seen this show. Anyway, the show is called Prison Break, and apparently it's pretty hot right now. The show is filmed somewhere in Dallas and stars a guy named Wentworth Miller.

I know...poor guy...must be a family name.

This guy apparently comes in my store a few times a week, much to the delight of my staff.


I have a hankering to go to Washington, D.C. on vacation in the next couple of years. I also want to go to Acadia National Park in Maine. I also want to do a white water raft trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. I'd also like to go scuba diving in the Caribbean or Mexico. I'd also like to go to Prince Edward Island.

Where would you like to go?


emma said...

Schell LOVES Wentworth Miller!!!

CatBoy said...

I'm glad you'll be getting your baby back soon.

schell said...

I love love love Wentworth Miller...he has the most gorgeous eyes ever!

Alias Moi said...

Owen Wilson is the funny looking one, right?

I want to go to London. I'm probably going to take a weekend in New York in October.

If you come to DC let me know. Maybe I can talk Jilly into us taking you out for a drink.

Martha said...

Okay, I'm behind...but thought I'd tell you that I'm going to Acadia/Bar Harbor in a week and a half. Woohoo!!

PEI is beautiful; I've been there twice.