Friday, April 01, 2011

The Job Hunt Continues

I had 3 very successful phone screenings this week. The position I really wanted is actually being offered to another person this afternoon, so I missed the window on that one. Still, that person could decline.

There are not many multi-unit level positions open in this area, so I might have to go back to being a store manager for a while, which I don't really want to do. On one hand, it would be easy breezy, but on the other hand, it would be boring and I wouldn't necessarily get the days off I need to march drum corps. And I won't get anywhere near my last salary. But again on the up side, I probably wouldn't be working 7 days a week, 14 hours a day, so that is a big plus.

We'll see. I still have plenty of time to find the right position before I start to get nervous about money.

In other news, I took my Element in to the dealership yesterday for its 110,000 mile service, and they found that the power steering pump was leaking, so altogether that will be an $800 bill with the other $400 going to all the regular 110,000 mile service items. Now that the car is paid off and is over 5 years old, I don't mind spending some money each year to keep it running in tip top shape for another 5 years. They kept the car overnight to get the needed part and install it today, so they gave me a loaner car, which is a Civic hybrid. Aside from not liking a small car, I really hate how the engine shuts off every time you stop, and it's a jerky start when you press on the gas again. I understand this is the way it saves power, but it's freaking annoying, especially in stop and go traffic. The 50 mpg is a good selling point, so if they ever incorporate the technology into an Element, I will take a test drive and see what I think.

I'm busy cleaning house and need to stack up boxes in the 3rd bedroom because I have 2 house guests this weekend; both are mellophone players, and one is driving up from Austin. The 2nd bedroom has all the nice furniture, but the 3rd bedroom is my music room/dumping ground, so I am going to get a $149 sofa bed from IKEA on the way home from the dealer. I've been wanting to get one for that room, and now is as good a time as any.

I still have floors to vacuum and mop and boxes to stack before I go get my car, so have a great day!


Jilly said...

i want to go to IKEA event though I don't really need anything and purchases over $50 aren't smart. the kids stuff online looks so cute and they have a lot of neat things only found there. It's not a close trip, probably about 40 mins each way, so I haven't dedicated time or money to the trip.

good luck looking for something, and even if you take a store GM job, you don't have to stay there, you can keep looking elsewhere or within the company.

Catz said...

Good luck on your search. As Jillybean said you could always take the GM job and keep looking for better, within the company or whatever. Whatever you do or choose good luck.

Jenny Robin said...

The IKEA here is also about 40 minutes away without traffic. Fortunately, it was on the way to/from the car dealership. I still like to go to the dealership where I bought my car because they give me top notch service and they have my car's entire history on their computer. Good stuff.

schell said...

My nearest IKEA is an hour and a half away, needless to say, I haven't been there in ages!
I agree with Jilly, even if you "settle" for a manager's position,it won't be long before you move up in whatever company it is.

UrbanStarGazer said...

Good luck with the search -- it's great that you don't have to stress about it and can take your time looking. Plus, I imagine it's a nice little break for a change and with just moving in, probably gives you the opportunity to do some things and spend time around the house that you wouldn't have had otherwise.