Monday, April 18, 2011

Interview #4 coming up

Tomorrow at 2:30 I have an in-person interview with Company P. Yay, finally a face-to-face with the District Manager! I got a haircut (it's been 5 or 6 months) and a manicure, and I've decided what I'm going to slacks with a black top and black shoes. I bought a new sterling silver (all sterling silver is 60% off at Kohl's) chain for my cheap $15 butterfly necklace. The old chain had tarnished beyond resurrection, and everyone comments on the butterfly because it looks so pretty. So I will wear that to jazz up the all black ensemble, and I will also wear a brightly colored scarf, either in pink tones or orange tones to add professionalism and pizzaz. If I can find socks that coordinate to the scarf, I shall wear those as well.

For the manicure I got the gel-based polish, which the manicurist told me would last 3-4 weeks instead of the regular polish which chips in a couple of days. My nails look great, so hopefully they will stay that way for a while.

I'm heading to an office supply store in a little bit to get some nice paper to use when printing out another copy of my resume and my references. I doubt he will need the resume, but it won't hurt to provide another copy and them my refs as well, since no one yet has asked me for them. Maybe they don't put a lot of stock in references, which I understand, because who is going to list a reference that is going to say anything but positive things about you? Or maybe they are waiting to get to their final final candidate. He does have 3 people to interview tomorrow.

There was a time about a year ago when my former company required 7 references to be checked...omg....and I started checking peoples' references even before I interviewed them in person. It can be so difficult to get some of these folks to call you back, that many times I had to get the candidate to take action to get their references to contact me.

Company W also called me today to tell me they filled their open store manager position with the person who was the interim store manager. I had a feeling that is what they would do, and it is wise to promote from within whenever you have a qualified candidate.

So, wish me luck tomorrow around 2:30 central time.


Sonya said...

Good luck!

schell said...

Good luck.

And, speaking of references, I recently had to check the references of someone who applied for a long-term sub position at my school. When I called one of them,, and told her who I was calling about, she said, "I have no idea who that is." I've never heard that before.

Catz said...

Good luck!

UrbanStarGazer said...

Belated good luck! Out here we don't check references until we're ready to make an offer, that might be what they're doing.