Monday, April 11, 2011

Interviewing and other Fun

I had a second phone interview with Company W today. I won't say its name yet. I had a phone screening a couple of weeks ago with their recruiter, and today I spoke to their HR person for the region/area/whatever they call it. It went really well, so I'm being passed on to the District Manager. There is some sort of meeting this week, so it will be next week before I meet with the DM.

I also had an in-person interview set up for tomorrow at Company P, but when I called the DM today like I was instructed, he told me to call back tomorrow for a phone interview with him. I already had a phone interview with another DM last week. The DM last week and the DM today told me that in their company they have 2 DMs do partial interviews, then trade notes. That is fine. But I don't like being told that I'd have an in-person interview and then the plan changes...and that I need to call the DM tomorrow. That's not the way it works. The company representative should contact the candidate at the time of the phone interview. And if he decides to take me to the next step after that, a Store Manager would interview me. Now, I am all in favor of developing the Store Managers' higher-level interviewing abilities, but as a District Manager if you can't screen out your candidates via phone and get to your top one or two to interview in person, there might be a problem there. I do realize that different companies have different processes for this. This one just seems odd and put offish. This is the company I really want to work for, so it is concerning. I will definitely want to meet the DM and see if it is someone I can work for. I am hopeful that some things just got in the way that the DM needs to attend to (goodness knows that I know how this can happen) and that all will be well. I am cautiously optimistic.
In completely other news.......I bought my grill this weekend, and a friend helped me assemble it yesterday. We cooked steaks and corn on it last night and had a lovely time. Then we played french horn duets on our mellophones for well over an hour.

On Saturday night I went to a soccer game. My younger sister and her husband are on an indoor soccer league team, and it was fun to see people of all shapes and sizes and ages trying their best on the field. My sister's team lost terribly, but she said she was enjoying herself and getting good exercise, which is what she wanted. I think she played well, and my brother in law is the goalie, and he also played well. My older sister's husband is supposed to be joining the league as well, so I will try to make as many games as I can.

On Saturday afternoon, and then again after I got home from the game, a friend and I spent probably 6 hours or so arranging Christina Perri's song Jar of Hearts for 4 Mellophones. It was much more difficult than we thought it was going to be. We were up til almost 2 in the morning, then finished it off Sunday morning before heading to rehearsal.

Our arranging process is funny. We find the video of the song on YouTube on his phone which is plugged into my receiver so that we can listen to it through the sound system speakers. I have a 20 year old synthesizer keyboard that we use, and we find the piano sheet music and chord progressions online if possible. Then we also have our two mellophones. I hand write all the music using pencil and staff paper because I don't want to spend $500 on music software right now. And then we listen to the song, a bar or two at a time, over and over and over until we get the notes and rhythms down for the melody for the entire song. Then we start again at the beginning and figure out the chord structure and write the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd parts simultaneously, creating our rhythms and embellishments within those chords. It's great fun, though mentally tiring. Our end product is really quite good, we just don't have 4 good players to play all the parts.

We are trying to think of other songs to arrange that audiences would enjoy listening to. Do you have any suggestions?

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