Friday, April 15, 2011


Gusts of up to 1 gobdillion miles per hour. Crazy.

I had a third phone interview with HR at Company P today. I think it went ok. They can't pay me what I need/want in base compensation, but the bonus structure is very strong, and most of their stores bonus....and it's a quarterly thing with 3 components. So, I think in the end, things will be even, or I'll be ahead. They also match 401(k), give annual performance-based raises, have an employee stock purchase program, and something else too, all of which my old company hasn't done for several years.

I find it odd that no one has asked me yet for references to check. I don't know how many other people are in the process. I may hear something back next week, or maybe the week after. I think it depends on how many others are in the interview process and where they are in the process.

This weekend will be so exciting for me! I am arranging 80s TV show theme songs for 2 mellophones, I'm going to another soccer game Saturday night, then on Sunday I have my birthday party with my family followed by rehearsal. Ha ha! It's not exciting, but I am thoroughly enjoying my time off.


Catz said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy your time off! Good luck with the job search.

CatBoy said...

Sometimes simple things are more exciting than exciting things. I'm thinking about when I see the first good plums in the market or the time I saw a Corgi and big orange cat taking a nap together in the sun-- priceless moments.

Jilly said...

CatBoy is right, exciting can go both ways. my week has been exciting and i've spent it with my dad in ICU planning for my trip coming this week to Indiana to spend it with my hubby's grandfather in ICU. I'd rather family dinner exciting.

good luck with interview #whatever with company P. you're making "lemonade"