Friday, March 05, 2010

Them Darn Barn Swallows

I spent a portion of my day dealing with barn swallows...or rather dealing with how to deal with them. Barn swallows nested over the doorways and in the eaves of one of my Oklahoma stores last year.

The birds are protected by state law, and once they start building their nest, you cannot touch it, knock it down, or do anything to the nest (or the birds) until they leave the nests in the Autumn. In the meantime they shit everywhere and make a mess.

So, we're taking some measures to prevent the birds from nesting in the first place. Fascinating stuff, I tell ya.

In other news: I don't get to see Guy this week. He's working Thurs Fri (tonight) Sat this week and I'm off to Oklahoma Sunday afternoon through Friday, so maybe we can meet up a week from today if I'm back in town early and he doesn't work. We seem to do a lot of sitting around and watching movies and going to the pub. This is all fine and dandy, but it's getting to be Springtime (finally!) and I want to get outside and do some things, so next time we meet up, if it's daytime, I'm going to suggest we go do something outside.

House Stuff: Tomorrow I'm going to check out a new housing development near Eagle Mountain Lake north of Ft. Worth. It's only 20-ish minutes or so from downtown FW, and the homes are much less expensive than the exact same floor plans just 10 minutes from there. Plus, the property taxes will be less because it's a different school district. I know it sounds crazy, but I thin it will actually be less expensive and take less of my time to have a new home built than try to house hunt. I might even be willing to overlook the pool thing, because one will be in the community. I'd damn well better be able to swim at 6am and midnight if I want too, though. I still really really really want my own pool and hot tub, but I'm learning that building one would be about $40,000. I can't do that on top of buying a house. So, either I find an existing home with pool, or I build in a planned community.

I'm taking a week of vacation the last week of March/first few days of April. I did not get any rest during my vacation at the end of January because I worked every day due to big company changes. I need to go camping for a few days and be completely unreachable via blackberry or laptop.

That's all for now.


Gail said...

We have Eastern Phoebes who do the same to our house,,messy nest, but quite fun to watch.

emma said...

barn swallow nests are very cool

Jilly said...

schell had her home built, so maybe e-mail her and ask her about it. I remember she had some stress with contractors not keeping appointments etc. which made it hard. when i worked in construction, nothing was EVER done on time and under budget.

orioles nest in my roof on the front porch all the time and we're not allowed to toss them out. i think eventually we're going to screen in the porch, so the brids will have to go away then.

sheila222 said...

Now, you're cooking with gas. You will be so happy in a house where you have picked out features that you want rather than remodeling- and it's NEW. You will probably get just enough yard to enjoy mowing the back and having it the way you want with the association taking care of the front. With the traveling you will be doing, who wants to be tied to yardwork every free moment. Exciting!

emma said...

barn swallows also eat pesky insects

Jenny Robin said...

The way things work around here, you have to take care of all parts of your yard. The builder has contractors who take care of all aspects of construction, so I wouldn't need to be around for that, either.

And yes, I would get to pick my paint and fixtures and floors and stuff.