Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Week til Vacation

And I can't wait!

Last vacation I ended up working, on conference calls, or being interviewed every day, so I'm looking forward to this one. On Friday night I'm going to my sister's house where she is hosting a Rock Band gathering. I've never played before, but I know I'll be good at it, so therefore it will be fun.

Saturday I have rehearsal, then Sunday after the family Sunday dinner I am driving to a state park to go camping for a few days. I am going to turn off my Blackberry and not crack open my laptop while on this vacation. I need to truly be away and unwired for a while.

I'm sick again...I probably never really fully recovered from the flu thing last week. On Thursday night I noticed I was coughing, but it was different from a normal cough. It reminded me of how I coughed when I had pneumonia a couple of years ago, so I made a mental note to watch it. Friday was a tiring day between getting up at 5am, all the driving I did (though the weather was gorgeous) and the store visits and the visit to the pub afterward.

I slept horribly Friday night because I was coughing all night and running a fever. I was staying at a friend's house, which I usually do after we go to the pub, because it's quite a drive back to my apartment, and he lives so close. No hanky panky happening, folks...sorry.

Saturday I drove home and took a multi-hour nap. When I got up I was still running a fever. I can always tell because my skin looks great. It doesn't have that shiny skin oil look, and I don't feel dirty like I do after sleeping and waking up. I also know exactly what 'fever and chills' feels like. So, I chilled for a while, took my temp, it said 100 degrees, so I decided to go to the doc in a box.

They told me it was allergy-driven but that I also probably had something viral. They gave me prescriptions for Nasonex for the allergies and some hard core cough medication with hydrocodone. I took the hydrocodone last night and expected to be knocked on my ass, but that didn't happen. I couldn't tell any effect with it. I still coughed throughout the night, though it certainly wasn't as bad as Friday night. I don't want to be taking a so-called powerful drug if it's not going to help me, so I'll have to re-evaluate daily to see if I actually need to take it.

So, now I'm up and at 'em. I still have a fever, though it's not as high as it got last night (101 at its highest), and I feel decent except for when I cough. My head is completely clear, and while I don't feel particularly energetic, I am looking forward to getting a lot of things done today.

I hope you all have happy Sundays.


Jilly said...

i take nasonex. it gives me a sore throat, dries out my nose, and tastes tucky. i haven't taken it in awhile because my singulair, a;buterol and zyrtec combo give me nosebleeds and the nasonex aggrivates that side effect and makes the bleeds worse. good luck with the nasonex, i hope you're side effect free and well son.

Catz said...

get well soon.

nasonex dries out my nose and tastes terrible.hydrocodone knocks me out.I've been having to use this stuff lately too.