Sunday, March 07, 2010

Off I Go Again

I'm leaving in a few minutes to go to Tulsa. One of my stores has their inventory tonight, and I really need to be at this one in particular.

Then my boss flies in to OKC on Tuesday and I take him on the grand tour of my Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri stores. Hopefully I'll make it home late Thursday night and make a short day of it on Friday (short means 8 hours).

Things are going really really well in my position. With our changes at the highest levels, my job is, dare I say it, easier than it was 3 months ago, even with double the store count.

I'm exhausted still, though, and I cannot wait til my vacation starts in 3 weeks. Even at home on the weekends I'm going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 7:30 or 8am.

The housing development I looked at yesterday was fine. The pool and lazy river area were small, and I didn't see the hours of operation posted there, so I need to go back during a time when their sales office is open. It's about a mile from a lake, so I could buy a kayak and and jet ski or two (maybe even a boat!) and invite friends to frolic in the lake with me. The houses look fantastic from the outside. It's amazing that I can get a house with real brick and stone built in Ft. Worth but would pay tens of thousands of dollars more were I to build that anywhere near Dallas.

But it is looking less and less like I'll get my own pool. Very sad. If that is the saddest thing in my life right now, I am one fortunate lady!

I'm starting to get concerned over what to wear to my sister's wedding in May. I know, May is far off, but it'll be here soon. I would like to wear a dress, but I am really not comfortable in heels, and I'm fat, so I would need something that would still look nice. I could wear flowing pants, but it seems like I should wear a dress. And the wedding is formal, even though it is at 3pm. My sister says the ceremony will last about 10 minutes, then we're all going to the pub for the reception. So I need something that will translate well to both.

I'm sure I'm overthinking it. Any suggestions?


Gail said...

Shoot, I wore a pantsuit to my daughter's wedding...wear what you're comfortable in and to hell with convention.

UrbanStarGazer said...

Or bring a change of clothes. I was a bridesmaid in my older brother's wedding and wore the bridesmaid dress through the ceremony and the formal part of the reception -- pictures, toasts, etc., but I brought a change of clothes and when all that was over, changed to something comfy. It was fab.

UrbanStarGazer said...

What is a "lazy river area"?