Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kentucky Bypass

I've been keeping careful watch of the power outage situation in Kentucky, and it doesn't look promising for those poor folks.

And since I'm a selfish person, it also doesn't look promising for me.  Fortunately, I have taken a variety of routes to Ann Arbor from Dallas before...I think this is my 5th time driving it won't be too much of a hassle. 

Still, I enjoy the scenery of Tennessee and Kentucky and going up through Ohio rather than the bleak winter-weary plains of Illinois and Indiana.  Spring through Autumn the plains are gorgeous, but in winter they are depressing, and the wind is fierce since there is nothing to cut it.  It's sort of like it can be around here, since we are a relatively flat area and are actually the southern part of the Great Plains.

Last year when I got caught in that blizzard and wasn't fully prepared, I was mad at myself.  This year I have a proper coat, just had new windshield wipers put on my car, bought a long-handled ice scraper, and will pack my snow shoes, more warm clothes, food, and water in my car....just in case.  I did have some of this last year, but the proper coat and shoes would have been helpful when I had to dig out my car in Elizabethtown, Kentucky after stopping for the night.

I have been thankful for my 4-wheel drive so many times since I bought this car on January 19, 2006.  I'm glad I didn't let the car salesman talk me out of it, because I have made good use of it on many occasions and draw great comfort from knowing that it helps me both in everyday driving as well as these special extreme circumstances.  The reduction in gas mileage is worth the piece of mind, for certain.

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Jilly said...

every time i drive through ohio i think it looks like a giant trailer park, at least from 70 that is. good luck up north and i'm glad you got a proper coat and shoes for the trip. we're supposed to get a massive snow on monday where i live and i'm not looking forward to shoveling my car out again this week.

you know, we had a chat at work about 4wd and i think it's over rated. i haven't found it to be any more useful in the weather we have here. sure we get snow, but we get more ice than snow and 4wd isn't any better on ice. the best thing to do in ice is to stay home. but if you think it's worth it and really use it, then it's worth it.

i hate it when someone tries to talk people out of or into something that they may or may not want as if a person doesn't know his or her mind. you do so much research before you make a major purchase that i'm shocked you allowed him to try and talk you out of anything. i can picture you smiling politely and then saying "i know what i want" and then getting what you want.