Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night Lights

I have discovered and have been watching episodes of Friday Night Lights.

I now have a mini-obsession with Kyle Chandler.  

I heard from several sources that this show was excellent, and it really is.  I think the kids drink too much and have too much sex to be realistic, but then again, I'm not sure of the exact amount of drinking and sex that high school kids have these days.

I can vouch that the bleakness and ugliness in the portrayal of a small west Texas town is spot on.  I think west Texas is bleak, ugly, dirty, and poor.  And it is definitely big football country.  Did I say big?  I meant BIG.  HUGE.  GINORMOUS.  Texas is big on high school football and band, with even the worst football programs receiving huge funding.  

These kids from successful teams are treated like home town gods.  The only drawback is that for many, this is the pinnacle of their existence.  They may go on to marry, have a family and a career, and yet their 'best time of my life' experience would be playing varsity football.  I think it's a bit twisted that football could be a better thing in one's life than getting married or the birth of a child.  Imagine reaching the height of your greatness at the age of 17.  How sad that it might be all downhill from there.

Anyway, I was a complete slug today (woke up at 11am) and didn't go post any flyers, so I feel like I'm letting down the recruiting coordinator, whom I adore.  So, I've drawn out a plan to hit about 30 places tomorrow.  This means it'll be a long day of driving around, but at least I won't feel unproductive.  I always feel unproductive if I don't accomplish anything worthwhile in a day...even if I truly need the day for resting and relaxing.

I am a bit concerned about my drive to Michigan on Mon/Tues.  I hope all the power is back on along the route I'm taking and that I have good weather on the drive there and back. 


vq said...

One of the best shows on TV. Love it.

CatBoy said...

I have never seen the show, but I did used to watch Home Front, which Kyle Chandler was on.

You are never a slug; you just think you are, and trust me, I know slugs.

CatBoy said...

PS. I think beauty queens might have that same issue with their peaking, although they can stretch their fame out a bit longer I suppose. Me, I haven't done anything remarkable so far, so I have no where to go but UP!