Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things Commonly Asked for or Heard in a Bookstore

#1 Where's the bathroom?

#2 Can you help me find a book?

#3 (in a 2 level store built in 2004) Do you have an elevator?

#4 I didn't realize you had a second floor!

#5 Where's non-fiction?

#6 Where do you pay?

#7 Is Harry Potter out yet?

#8 How does the trolley work?

#9 Can you call me a cab?

#10 How are your books arranged?

#11 The sticker says 30% off. What does that mean?

#12 I can't believe you carry that trash (usually referring to a book about whichever political idealogies said person does not support).

#13 Are y'all hiring?

Some of these are honest, simple questions. Some are stupefying in their ridiculousness. Some annoy the heck out of me. There are only a couple I despise.

Can you guess which one I hate the most?


spidey said...


that one would annoy me the most followed by number 9. you got there without me calling for the cab, you can get home the same way.

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

No, I can't guess the one you hate the most. But I think #9 and #11 would annoy the hell out of me.

In defense of lame consumers:

#1- I'm not good at holding it.

#3- "Do you have an elevator," really means "where is the elevator."

#8- How does the trolley work?

cencispice said...

I guess #7 from personal experience. My husband worked for Borders many years ago, and still hates Harry Potter with the burning passion of a million suns.

That was the worst summer of his life...I don't even remember which book it was.

Working in retail myself, I am alwasy appreciative of lists like this. Isn't it amazing the variety of idiots walking freely in the world? How do these people manage to get up and even tie their shoes?!

Jenny Robin said...

Drumroll, please......

The question I hate the most is #13 "Are y'all hiring?"

I hate it for a few reasons:

1. You just don't call a place of business and ask this.
2. Their asking this question signals to me that they are only wanting a job, any job.
3. This also signals to me that they aren't going to make the effort if I say no.

So I always say, 'We're always accepting applications." To which they say, "But are you actively hiring." To which I say, "We're always accepting applications."

All that being said, if someone calls and tells me they filled out an application online or at the computer in the store, and they are very eager to work for us, I usually tell them how the interviewing and selection process works.

I don't want people who want a job. I want people who want THIS job.