Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nasty Trash

I hate my apartment complex. Maybe that's too strong. I greatly dislike my apartment complex. I don't like living on the 3rd floor, I don't like the neighborhood, and I don't like the fact that rent is going up by $35 a month and I have to renew my lease in a couple of days.

But what I hate most is the nasty trash, and the bag that someone keeps placing outside my front door.

This bag has been on the third floor landing for weeks and weeks now, and I'll be damned if I'm going to throw it out. I don't know whose it is, or if they are even still living in one of the 4 apartments that this landing services. I am perfectly happy to take my own trash down to the dumpster, and usually do so every day or every other day, as I use 13-gallon white kitchen garbage bags and don't like to have anything organic lying around to attract bugs and such.

The past several days, someone has been moving this big open black trash bag close to my door or in front of my door. It was blocking my door this morning, and again when I came home a while ago.

I've had it. This is NOT my fucking trash. I am NOT going to take it to the dumpster. I moved the bag about 10 feet from my door, came inside, got a marker and a piece of white printer paper, wrote "This is NOT my trash. STOP putting it in front of my door!", and taped it to the bag.

It's a stupid simple thing. If it doesn't belong to any of the 4 of us, then the apartment complex needs to dispose of it, because it was probably left by a prior tenant.

And all this talk of trash reminds me I really need to do some serious house cleaning tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

so you can't move, or it will be the same somewhere else?

this also reminds me that my neighbors keep putting their trash in my yard. i was nice at first (my guy's idea) but i've decided to stop being polite. they park on my lawn, drive through my yard, and toss their trash in my yard. their kdis are foul mouthed little heathens and i'm tired of them. i have been pricing very tall fences and dream of going over there and cussing them out.


Jenny Robin said...

Hi Jilly,

I've been looking at apartments online forever. I've also been looking at houses. This apartment is one mile from work, in an area where other apartments of this size go for $500+ more dollars a month. And the decent houses around here are upwards of $275,000. Both options are out of my price range currently.

So I am resigned to just blog and bitch about it.

I'm sorry to hear that your neighbors are also nasty trash.

And I just checked a little while ago. The trash has not been re-placed in front of my door. It looks like the culprit possibly got the picture...the bastard.

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I have been dealing with this one for years. My unit is an end unit located by the dumpster.

If the dumpster is full when people go to dump their trash, rather than putting their bag in their on-the-patio storage room until the dumpster has been emptied (like I do), they just hurl it into the enclosure, making it a treat for the raccoons.

Often the bags end up open with their contents spilling into my driveway.

Then there are the people who are unfamiliar with the fact that there is a city dump a couple miles away and throw in mattresses, bicycles, entire dining room sets, etc., leaving no room for other peoples' regular old trash.

Then there's the little kid who when boredom strikes, takes a bottle out of the recycling and smashes it in my driveway. I said something once and was accused of being racist since the kid is black. Right, if a Swedish or Italian kid smashed bottle in my driveway, I'd offer them cookies. I dislike all brats, even the white ones.

(Given that whole plate throwing thing, I'm not sure what my recation would be if the kid was Greek.)

Okay, I'm going to stop there, since I'm getting all hepped up . . .

Anonymous said...

I saw this sign today and it made me feel better "some people are only alive becasue killing them is illegal."


CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I enjoyed that.

Jenny Robin said...

Today when I left my apartment for work, I noticed the nasty trash is GONE!


Spidey said...

not to be a bitch, but wouldn't it be easier to just throw it away? i know... i am irritated with the way some people act sometimes too, but i think it would have been less aggravation to just get rid of it. i have a neighbor who likes to dump stuff in the gutter on our lot line and let it wash down the street in front of my house to the sewer inlet. yes, it irritates the crap out of me, but then i think.... geezus he could be doing alot worse stuff. i guess i am getting too old to worry about trivial crap.

Jenny Robin said...

Possibly, Spidey, but I made the choice not to.

Anonymous said...

spidey, some people automatically think others are there to serve them or that the property of other people is there for them to abuse. I live next to such people. I do go clean their trash off my lawn, but i put it in their cans. I only dream of having a major temper tantrum. I, however, did to nasty things to their christmas decorations when they weren't home. Alcohol was involved.

Anonymous said...

Since someone kept putting the "garbage " bag at your door did you ever think you should have looked in it to see what it was? It may have been a bag from a benefactor containing exactly 275,000 dollars in cash so you could buy a house outright . The person finally tired of your foolish behavior in not looking and gave the money to someone else in your complex . Watch for someone bragging about a new house and that will be the person who finally looked in the bag . Never look a gift bag in the eye ! allan