Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I had Sunday dinner with my parents and younger sister a couple of days ago. I learned my mother's car had been sideswiped by another car fleeing police. How nice. So it was a hit and run, and even though the Ft. Worth police were in hot pursuit, no one stopped to help her, which is even more nice. She is fine, and the car is really not that badly damaged, though the insurance adjuster posted the claim at $2,000. Cars can be replaced; people can't. If that bastard had hurt my mother, he would have more serious problems than the police right now.

Last night/this morning at 4am I got an alarm call from the monitoring company we use at work. These calls occur a few times a year, and it's usually right after some severe weather has hit. Such was the case last night. There are calls that I must go to the store for, and there are calls that I don't. Fortunately, this was a call that did not require me pulling clothes onto my slept-in raggedy body and pretending to be awake for the short drive there to meet the police or FD.

Gracie kitty is sneezing a lot, but then again so are many of us. With plentiful rain comes high-volume botanical growth, which leads to big time allergies. I choose to ignore my allergies for the most part, and believe it or not, the method actually works for me. Ahhh, the power of the mind.

Two friends and I are in the very early stages of planning a road trip to Acadia National Park for summer 2008. I have requested visitor's guides and brochures from the chambers of commerce of many of the towns on the island, and last night I found website that links to realtors who assist in the renting of privately owned cottages up there. I've never been to Maine and am looking forward to going.

I go to work here in a little bit. The days have been so nasty humid and miserable lately with all the rain we've been having. At least it's not 105 and nasty humid. I need to squeeze in a week of vacation somewhere, but I don't know when I'll have a week when I'm not already scheduled for something at work.

Have an interesting day.


spidey said...

please see my post regarding sinucleanse for allergies.
go to sinucleanse.com for info. i have turned at least 6 people on to this in the last week and they are happy.
this is not spam luv spidey

Jenny Robin said...

thanks, spidey

CatBoy AKA Charles said...

We are suffering from all the pollen and other gunk here as well; I'll have to check out that link of Spidey's.